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My Thoughts on Vegan Gains

For those of you that do not know Vegan Gains he is a famous Youtuber in the fitness community. Although some of his videos attack other people in the fitness community, I still respect the fact that he has the balls to call out and stomp on all of the fake naturals in the fitness community and industry. He has even had the balls to challenge these fake naturals to fights in events such as fitness expos and so on.

Therefore, I respect him for that, however not all of us are perfect and neither is Vegan Gains. I do not like the fact that he pushes his veganism on us. Therefore, my only advice to him and others that follow a vegan diet is this; Once your passion becomes like a religion you become so self righteous such as Vegan Gains, that you push more people away then attracting them. Don’t ram it down our throats. The more you tell us that we have to do something the less we want to do it. Don’t tell us, but instead show us!

Vegan Gains Gets Smoked

This Vegan Gains fellow is quite an interesting man, he promotes and advocates that the vegan diet is the superior diet and that humans where made only to eat vegan.

I am not against veganism, however I believe it is not the superior diet, nor should it be followed. You might wonder why, well it’s quite simple really. Our bodies are amino acid driven organisms, meaning that they are protein driven. Everything in our body is made from protein, our lean skeletal muscle, our hair, nails and not to mention a few other things are all made from protein. Also, if we don’t constantly consume protein our bodies can’t repair itself, also not to mention our bodies have no known natural storage for protein, as opposed to fats and carbohydrates.

Sure, there are some certain vegetables, nuts and fruits that contain protein but the quality and quantity of the protein is not the same as you would get from an animal source.

Also, Vegan Gains is wrong when he said that humans where only made to eat vegan. During the Ice Age when there was a scarcity of fruits, vegetables and nuts our ancestors only survived due to the fact that they ate animals. Also, the only reason Vegan Gains has a large variety of fruits, nuts and vegetables is because of globalization. If it wasn’t for that, Vegan Gains would have no choice but to eat meat because if he was vegan he would be deficient in many nutrients.

Therefore, the vegan diet is not the superior diet not should it be a followed diet in the first place. The superior diet in my opinion is one with a mixed diet, containing meat, vegetables, nuts and fruits.


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