Strength Cartel

Thoughts on Rich Piana versus Bostin Loyd

This Rich Piana versus Bostin Loyd feud has been going on for a while. I was thinking of writing this article a few weeks back when Rich Piana came out with his video, however, as I explained in the previous article, laziness got the better of me.

Anyways, my thoughts on this feud are quite neutral. I believe that both of these guys bullshit a lot even though they come off as “honest” and “trustworthy” individuals in the bodybuilding community. For example, they tell people which performance enhancing drugs they abused and so on. However, we do not know if they are telling the truth on other things such as finances, experiences and other material possessions. I truly believe that Rich Piana is a fake. His plates that he uses where proved fake by the Strength Cartel who used to work for Rich Piana. His body also was proven fake by many sources in the bodybuilding community. On the other hand I think Bostin Loyd is not to be trusted as well, even though he tells his fans the real “honest” truths of bodybuilding such as drugs use and so on. He also has outrages claims on other things as well as proven by Rich Piana and others.

Therefore, my stance on this is neutral and I hope it doesn’t escalate much further as it has. My only advice to people is to forget about this feud and focus on yourselves, focus on your training and not their drama.

Big Boy Leaves Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition and Forms Strength Cartel

Big Boy also known as the strongest man that was on Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition team, has recently left the team an made his own clothing line called Strength Cartel, as can be evidenced on the video link below.

Basically to summarize Big Boy and Rich Piana had an agreement that Big Boy could make, market and enforce his new clothing line Strength Cartel. Time went on and Big Boy noticed that Rich Piana was feeling pressured and upset about Big Boy’s new company Strength Cartel.

Now here comes the funny part around the time of the Anaheim bodybuilding expo, some people on the 5% team showed some love and support to Big Boy by wearing Strength Cartel shirts, hats and shorts. A couple of days later Big Boy received a text message from Rich Piana stating that he is off the 5% team.

That’s what insecurity does to a man. Therefore, Rich, I must ask you these questions, what happened with your famous slogans “We are all in this together” and “5%er family”? Seems like the green paper has blinded you and your slogans.

However in the end, how do we know if Big Boy’s story can be trusted, we can’t. Also, this could be a marketing ploy, perhaps they planned this on purpose, 5% vs Strength Cartel in order to make some more money. In the end all we can do is assume because simply we weren’t there when it happened.


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