Rich Piana arms

Rich Piana Breaks Up With Sara Piana

It has finally happened, Rich Piana has officially broke up with Sara Piana. No one, however knows the reason why. Perhaps Sara Piana didn’t like how fake Rich Piana is, but like I said, no one really knows why.

Furthermore Sara probably didn’t divorce Rich Piana as she still holds Piana as her last name. Perhaps they are still in business with each other, or perhaps she has nothing to gain from Rich Piana’s finances.

In the end like I said many times before no one really knows what happened in their relationship, however maybe Sara will be like Rich’s former wives and speak the truth on what happened.

Rich Piana Needs to Learn When to Shut Up

Rich Piana has said a lot of things that have been used against him. Whether it be the famous “Your dick has to hang lower then your balls” or “I can get up to four hundred pounds easily” doesn’t matter, because all of his famous sayings have been used against him. Sure they keep making users come for more and more of his stupid sayings instead of his products, so I guess you can say he makes some money off the views.

My solution for Rich Piana would be to think before saying stupid things. I mean it’s totally fine to funny, but when your serious about it, the whole things goes to the garbage can.

Rich Piana Slaps Jason Genova

In a recent video captured by either a fan of Rich Piana’s or either Jason Genova’s friend Nate, Rich Piana can be seen slapping Jason Genova. Rich Piana claims that it was okay and fine to slap the mentally ill Jason Genova, because of Jason Genova’s “order 66” attack on Rich Piana a few months ago for not letting him join the 5% team.

For those of you that do not know an “order 66” attack is when Jason Genova’s “pisstroopers” as they call themselves troll other peoples social medias accounts.

Anyways, what Rich Piana did to Jason Genova was just plain wrong. Rich tells us viewers in many of his videos to think logically, yet he didn’t think logically when he slapped a mentally ill man.

Therefore, I believe this whole situation can go one or two ways for Rich Piana and Jason Genova. First off due to this situation many people will become more engaged on Rich Piana’s videos and other social media accounts, which means more income for Rich Piana. However, I do believe that his whole situation will affect his supplement business and sales. One thing for sure though is that Json Genova sure did get a whole lot of followers on his social media accounts due to this whole entire incident with Rich Piana.


The “pisstroopers” have finally claimed victory for their lord Vader, which is known as Jason Genova. They made Rich Piana go on his knees and apologize to Jason Genova! Check it out here!


Rich Piana’s Funniest Memes

The Rich Piana memes and comments on his YouTube channel and videos, are starting to get out of hand. However though I still find them amusing and funny and I am sure most people do as well. Below you will find my favorite Rich Piana memes.

Oh, how can I forget! Rich Piana I want to personally thank you for saying stupid things on your YouTube videos, because that’s what created these memes in the first place! Here’s to many more memes to come!

Anyways, enough writing….Enjoy the memes!









Something Smells Fishy With Rich Piana’s Arms

Today, Rich Piana has some crazy big arms, however back in the day it wasn’t always like this. I am not afraid to say that Rich Piana’s arms where sub par back in his competing days, even if it mean that I get attacked by his fan boys. Even he himself said that his arms where always his weak point and that he always tried his best to bring them up.

Certainly everyone knows for a fact that he didn’t bring up his arms with his famous eight hour arm workouts or his grueling feeder workouts that he used to do every night, to feed fresh blood into his arms, which will of course help him repair his damaged muscle fibers and help his bodies recovery ability.

Let’s not kid ourselves, he obviously brought up his arms with site enhancement oil and other various site enhancement products like synthol and PMMA. The funny is, that he himself admits usage of various products like these.

Overall, most of us will never find out whats inside of his arms, that’s his secretive secret!


Notice that you can see the separation between the biceps and triceps in all of these pictures posted above. His arms, actually look like real arms!


You can clearly see that his arms have that fake look to them. Also, notice how soft his arms look, there’s no muscle hardness nor separation whatsoever. However, Rich Piana is clearly trying to hide that with his cleaver tattoos. His tattoos clearly help enhance his physique and makes it look real.


Please don’t get me wrong here, I am just stating my opinion and I am not bashing Rich Piana. He clearly did a lot in his life and is quite successful in whatever venture he took, in over two years Rich Piana went from a nobody to a somebody. He has thousands upon thousands of fans overseas and his supplement line and clothing line are quite popular. I respect that!


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