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Bostin Loyd vs Jerry Ward My Thoughts

Recently Bostin Loyd has come out by blandly attacking Jerry Ward for no reason over the social media outlets of Facebook and Instagram, stating that he is over delusional, in which I totally agree on. I mean lets face it, Jerry Ward took and probably still is taking performance enhancing drugs and he has never looked good in his whole entire bodybuilding career. He clearly doesn’t have the genetics for bodybuilding, I do however applaud him for giving his best shot and always competing no matter what the odds are against him. There’s much respect to be given to that. I believe that he truly has that fighter spirit with his never giving up attitude and so on.

Even though Bostin Loyd looks better then Jerry Ward, I still think he is a fake and a phony. He is pretty smart for doing this though because he is picking on somebody he knows that doesn’t look as good as him. What I think Bostin Loyd is doing is quite simple really.

He knows that the bodybuilding guru industry is quite competitive and so by picking on Jerry Ward who has more followers then him on most of the social media outlets, what he is trying to accomplish is to promote his name and steal followers or future customers from Jerry Ward. In which I think he will succeed in.


Thoughts on Rich Piana versus Bostin Loyd

This Rich Piana versus Bostin Loyd feud has been going on for a while. I was thinking of writing this article a few weeks back when Rich Piana came out with his video, however, as I explained in the previous article, laziness got the better of me.

Anyways, my thoughts on this feud are quite neutral. I believe that both of these guys bullshit a lot even though they come off as “honest” and “trustworthy” individuals in the bodybuilding community. For example, they tell people which performance enhancing drugs they abused and so on. However, we do not know if they are telling the truth on other things such as finances, experiences and other material possessions. I truly believe that Rich Piana is a fake. His plates that he uses where proved fake by the Strength Cartel who used to work for Rich Piana. His body also was proven fake by many sources in the bodybuilding community. On the other hand I think Bostin Loyd is not to be trusted as well, even though he tells his fans the real “honest” truths of bodybuilding such as drugs use and so on. He also has outrages claims on other things as well as proven by Rich Piana and others.

Therefore, my stance on this is neutral and I hope it doesn’t escalate much further as it has. My only advice to people is to forget about this feud and focus on yourselves, focus on your training and not their drama.

Big Natty Daddy The Fifteen Year Old Juicer

You guys might have heard of the famous steroid user called Big Natty Daddy which made the bodybuilding headlines a couple of weeks ago. Now he is not your typical bodybuilder, first off he is only fifteen years old, yes you ready that right only fifteen years old. Second off he has been abusing various performance enhancers for the last couple of months and man I got to say he looks insane for a fifteen year old kid.

I don’t know how he affords the various or how he gets the steroids, but I got to give him props for stepping into the dark side of bodybuilding and doing what he wants to do. I have nothing against him, he knows what he is getting himself into. However, I believe, he shouldn’t have touched any steroids that young, he should of waited a couple more years, build a good foundation and then start juicing his brains out.

P.S I wish him all the best in his bodybuilding endeavor and I hope that one day that he can make a career out of bodybuilding and make it worthwhile it for what he is doing to his body. I really hope so.

To see how he looks like check out this link. 


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