bostin loyd vs jerry ward

Bostin Loyd vs Jerry Ward My Thoughts

Recently Bostin Loyd has come out by blandly attacking Jerry Ward for no reason over the social media outlets of Facebook and Instagram, stating that he is over delusional, in which I totally agree on. I mean lets face it, Jerry Ward took and probably still is taking performance enhancing drugs and he has never looked good in his whole entire bodybuilding career. He clearly doesn’t have the genetics for bodybuilding, I do however applaud him for giving his best shot and always competing no matter what the odds are against him. There’s much respect to be given to that. I believe that he truly has that fighter spirit with his never giving up attitude and so on.

Even though Bostin Loyd looks better then Jerry Ward, I still think he is a fake and a phony. He is pretty smart for doing this though because he is picking on somebody he knows that doesn’t look as good as him. What I think Bostin Loyd is doing is quite simple really.

He knows that the bodybuilding guru industry is quite competitive and so by picking on Jerry Ward who has more followers then him on most of the social media outlets, what he is trying to accomplish is to promote his name and steal followers or future customers from Jerry Ward. In which I think he will succeed in.