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Mac Trucc Leaves 5% Nutrition

Another well known “sponsored” athlete from Rich Piana’s crew has left 5 percent nutrition. He claims that Rich Piana’s 5 percent nutrition is a false brotherhood and that only two original 5 percenter’s remain in Rich Piana’s crew, which have been with him since day one. He also claims that Rich Piana is a fake and a phony. He has also said that in a real brotherhood everyone gets to eat, but in reality only Rich Piana is eating when it comes to 5 percent nutrition. This man is known as Mac Trucc and he has been with Rich Piana since day one, yet he feels like that 5 percent nutrition and Rich Piana have been using him since day one.

In many of Mac Trucc’s videos he is seen proving right our suspicions about Rich Piana instead of just being assumptions they are becoming real and true. He also as of today has a “beef” with Rich Piana and in one of his videos he is seen using the 5 percent shirts and tank tops as cleaning rags while he was washing his cars.


Rich Piana Needs to Learn When to Shut Up

Rich Piana has said a lot of things that have been used against him. Whether it be the famous “Your dick has to hang lower then your balls” or “I can get up to four hundred pounds easily” doesn’t matter, because all of his famous sayings have been used against him. Sure they keep making users come for more and more of his stupid sayings instead of his products, so I guess you can say he makes some money off the views.

My solution for Rich Piana would be to think before saying stupid things. I mean it’s totally fine to funny, but when your serious about it, the whole things goes to the garbage can.

My Opinion on Rich Piana vs Prophet Muscle

First off I would like to apologize to my readers for really lagging behind on content being published on this website. I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart, it’s my own fault for being lazy and not on top of things. New articles, however will be posted every Wednesday and Saturday.

This whole situation is getting out of hand between Prophet Muscle and Rich Piana. It’s sort of like two baboons screaming and yelling at each other from across the forest. The forest protects and separates them from any kind of physical confrontation, yet they voice their opinion about each other at the top of their lungs. Its’s stupid and a waste of time in my opinion. They should be focused on building themselves and their brands up from the ground.

I do on the other hand believe this is a good thing for Prophet Muscle because it brings attention to him and his Youtube channel, thus making his wallet bigger and bigger by the day. As the author of “48 Laws of Power” once said “Court all attention at all costs” and “No attention is bad” which is exactly what Prophet Muscle is doing right now. Therefore I guess you can say that Prophet Muscle is on the right track.

Rich Piana on the other hand brought this upon himself due to his fake tough guy persona. If he didn’t have this kind of problem, I am a hundred percent certain that this altercation would have never started in the first place!


Rich Piana’s Funniest Memes

The Rich Piana memes and comments on his YouTube channel and videos, are starting to get out of hand. However though I still find them amusing and funny and I am sure most people do as well. Below you will find my favorite Rich Piana memes.

Oh, how can I forget! Rich Piana I want to personally thank you for saying stupid things on your YouTube videos, because that’s what created these memes in the first place! Here’s to many more memes to come!

Anyways, enough writing….Enjoy the memes!













Big Boy Leaves Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition and Forms Strength Cartel

Big Boy also known as the strongest man that was on Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition team, has recently left the team an made his own clothing line called Strength Cartel, as can be evidenced on the video link below.


Basically to summarize Big Boy and Rich Piana had an agreement that Big Boy could make, market and enforce his new clothing line Strength Cartel. Time went on and Big Boy noticed that Rich Piana was feeling pressured and upset about Big Boy’s new company Strength Cartel.

Now here comes the funny part around the time of the Anaheim bodybuilding expo, some people on the 5% team showed some love and support to Big Boy by wearing Strength Cartel shirts, hats and shorts. A couple of days later Big Boy received a text message from Rich Piana stating that he is off the 5% team.

That’s what insecurity does to a man. Therefore, Rich, I must ask you these questions, what happened with your famous slogans “We are all in this together” and “5%er family”? Seems like the green paper has blinded you and your slogans.

However in the end, how do we know if Big Boy’s story can be trusted, we can’t. Also, this could be a marketing ploy, perhaps they planned this on purpose, 5% vs Strength Cartel in order to make some more money. In the end all we can do is assume because simply we weren’t there when it happened.


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Funny Comments on Rich Piana’s Youtube Channel

rich piana shirt

Take one look at any of Rich Piana’s Youtube videos and you will notice so many comments that make fun of him, his supplement company and his clothing company. From time to time I read these comments and I find them quite amusing and at the same time wrong.

Most of these comments are posted over and over again by the same people. These same people hate Rich Piana and are trying everything they can in order to attack and halt his new found fame and success. However, they are doing more good then bad. These same people patiently wait for Rich Piana to upload a new Youtube video in order to upload there same funny comments. If you notice each and every one of these comments receive hundreds if not thousands of likes. These people are addicted to the likes, so instead of hitting Rich Piana where it hurts, they are instead lining his pocketbook with more money.

If you want to hit Rich Piana where it hurts, stop watching his videos! I personally am not a fan of Rich Piana, but that doesn’t mean I have to attack him! Case closed!


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Rich Piana’s “You Can Never do to Much”

In many current and previous videos Rich Piana mentions that the biggest fallacy of bodybuilding is this whole thing of you can do to much. He says “You can never do to much”. Well, I am here to tell you that in bodybuilding you can always do to much when it comes to training, unless of course you are using the performance enhancers.

If you are using the performance enhancers you should have no fear when it comes to over training since your body recovers way faster then the average gym rat. If your not using the performance enhancers your workouts should be short and intense just enough to stimulate the muscles to grow!

In my opinion, I believe you can’t listen to these Youtube stars, such as Rich Piana because they live a completely different and opposite life then you. These Youtube stars, do what they want, when they want! Rich Piana is able to sleep when he wants, trains for however long he wants and just simply put has the freedom to do whatever he wants. I and the vast bodybuilding community, do not have that kind of luxury we have jobs, go to school or simply put do not have the time as these Youtube stars do!


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