Rich Piana’s Funniest Memes

The Rich Piana memes and comments on his YouTube channel and videos, are starting to get out of hand. However though I still find them amusing and funny and I am sure most people do as well. Below you will find my favorite Rich Piana memes.

Oh, how can I forget! Rich Piana I want to personally thank you for saying stupid things on your YouTube videos, because that’s what created these memes in the first place! Here’s to many more memes to come!

Anyways, enough writing….Enjoy the memes!









Do Your Damn Warm Ups

This is a lesson I am still struggling to learn, even to this day. I am going to tell you the obvious, it’s important to warm up before your workout because it acts an an aide towards injury prevention.

Therefore don’t be lazy and please warm up properly before starting your workout. This means a light warm up with some light weights and with some light stretching as well.

Good luck and smash those records!

Competitive Bodybuilding is Dying


Joe and Ben Weider would roll around in their graves if they can see what there beloved sport is turning into. What once used to be a honorable sport which brought the people of the world together with physical fitness and beauty is turning into a gong show.

Tattooed freaks and people that where in the gay for pay business are now the ambassadors to the sport.

Not to mention as the physique and bikini classes get bigger and bigger by the year, competitive bodybuilding will shrink and shrink by the year. It’s just the nature of the game, another more interesting and socially acceptable sport or class if you would call it that appeared.

Also, the IFBB is becoming a shadow of its once former self without Joe and Ben Weider acting as the foundation of the IFBB. My prediction is once the foundation breaks, everything will then collapse.

Overall it is a sad thing to see, however bodybuilding still remains in our hearts, therefore do bodybuilding for yourself and yourself only!


Who Cares Just Do It

Many people in the fitness community and industry get caught up in the numbers and complicate the simple exercise which they are trying to do.

That’s why I am here to tell you guys, who cares, just do it. Don’t worry about the amount of sets or reps you have to do, just do the damn exercise, mind your own business and take your working set to complete muscular failure. Or even better do what works for you, but please do it and stop complicating things!

Big Natty Daddy Documentary

The documentary “15 and Injecting Steroids” by the BBC shows Big Natty Daddy in his prime when he was injecting anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. The documentary also states that Big Natty Daddy is no longer using anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs, as well as him being off all social media, which we already knew ever since he disappeared from social media in the beginning of September 2015.

What I believe what happened is that Big Natty Daddy sold all rights to his videos to the BBC and other television producers as well as making a deal with them or perhaps someone else that he will get off all anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

2016 Mr. Olympia Predictions

With the 2016 Mr. Olympia fast approaching one will wonder who will win this years Mr. Olympia. In one corner you have the mass monster known as Kai Greene, possibly the biggest bodybuilder since Ronnie Coleman. Kai Greene has been the runner up for the Mr. Olympia for a very long time, he is most likely pissed off and really wants to accomplish his dream, goal and desire of being the most muscular and best built man in the world. While in the other corner you have Phil Heath AKA “The Gift”, this man is built like a tank and he shows it. He has been the best built man on Earth for five years now and he is most likely going for his sixth Sandow this year. However, that’s not all, a new face is fast approaching the scene, and this man is known as Cedric Mcmillan. His physique resembles a physique of one from the 70’s and 80’s which is also known as the golden age of bodybuilding.

However, I believe once again this years Mr. Olympia will be between Kai Greene and Phil Heath and I believe this will be the last time this will ever happen, because I see Phil Heath retiring after this years Mr. Olympia, however I have some very interesting predictions for this years Mr. Olympia.

My prediction goes as follows:

1. Phil Heath

2. Kai Greene

3. Cedric Mcmillan

However, if Cedric Mcmillan nails his conditioning, I see my prediction changing to this:

1. Cedric Mcmillan

2. Phil Heath

3. Kai Greene

Overall, these are my predictions, but things are not set in stone yet, so there is a very high possibility that I will be wrong. To all the competitors out there I wish them the best of luck, may the games begin!



Gary Strydom Fires Shots at Rich Piana

Gary Strydom a former IFBB and WBF professional bodybuilder has fired shots at Rich Piana. These shots sting like a bees stinger and like my uncle used to say words hurt more then physical pain.

Gary Strydom basically called out Rich Piana’s fake body as a body that is filled with oil, PMMA and other various substances. Also, as the people on Youtube used to say; the amount of oil in Piana’s body can supply the worlds demand.

Yes, Gary Strydoms body is a fake body as well. A body that was built on steroids and other various substances, however his body is a little more real then Piana’s body.

However, lets look at this logically, I believe the only reason Gary Strydom called out Piana was that because Rich Piana as of today is more in the limelight and spotlight rather then Gary Strydom! That’s it, that’s the only reason Gary Strydom called out Piana, because he wants a piece of the pie as well!

Cardio-The Bodybuilding Way

Cardio when done right can only benefit your training and physique. However, most average meat heads in the gym do cardio the wrong way. They think that more is always better so therefore when they do there cardiovascular training they always overdue it.

The proper way to do cardio as a bodybuilder would be to do it the high intensity way, instead of the marathon way. When you do cardio do it before weight training or on days when your not weight training, due to the fact that cardio after training can seriously negatively effect the bodies recovery ability and totally screw up your strength and muscle gains.

The way I do my cardiovascular training is usually before I start weight training, I step on the treadmill walk for five minutes then put the machine on full speed and sprint for five minutes. This is how you effectively burn lots of calories while not putting your body in a catabolic state.

Therefore to break it all down in a very easy format to understand to do proper cardiovascular training the bodybuilding way you should:

1. Before weight training step on the treadmill or a exercise machine of your choice

2. Do a five minute warmup by keeping the pace nice and easy. After you feel warmed up begin to make your speed faster and faster, hold the highest speed you can take for five minutes of sprinting

3. Do some light strecthing and begin your weight trianing session