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Natty Or Not Is Wrong

I recently came across a recent article from the website “Natty or Not” and I must say that their recent article is complete bullshit. They state that it is impossible for a natural bodybuilder or regular gym goer to get sixteen plus inch arms. Like I said that statement is complete bullshit.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and respect the website “Natty of Not” a lot. They have built quite an honorable name for themselves in the bodybuilding world. For example, I really like how they expose steroid users which claim they are natural bodybuilders. This is a good thing because it really opens the eyes of the young people just starting out in the sport of bodybuilding. Not only that, but it also saves them money because many of these fake naturals are sponsored by supplement companies which produce sub par supplements.

However, though, I know plenty of people which are lifetime naturals and built up solid sixteen plus inch arms. Heck, even I did it and I am a hundred percent sure anyone can do it as long as they have good arm genetics and their diets and training are in place.

The funny part of the article for me at least, was when they listed exercises that build massive arms. Exercises such as, wait for it, chin ups and dips. I personally do now know anyone that built huge arms with just chin ups and dips.

If you real want big arms you must put the work required in it. You can’t cheat yourself by doing exercises such as chin ups and dips which don’t even hit the arms effectively and efficiently. I personally know I can put enough more than enough intensity and simulation in my biceps with just one set of bicep curls then they could with their 3×15 chin ups. I can guarantee you that.


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