Hey guys! I am known as Petar Aki. I am currently 21 years old with a height of 6ft1 or a 186cm. I have gained more then 40lbs or 18kg of solid muscle with no supplements and most people ask me how I did it, however it has not always been this way!

In my childhood and teenage years I was a skinny person all my life, but things changed during the year 2012. I was sick and tired of being skinny and not having any confidence at all so, I began to hit the weights. With each gym session I grew stronger and I was more determined to achieve my goals. I began to learn from people that had more experience from me, I studied the way they trained and I began to look up bodybuilding videos during my spare time. My hard work and determination in the end payed off where so many others have failed. It took me a long time to get where I am right now, and trust me, it wasn’t easy. I have figured out a lot of things, but I am still not done so stay tuned and follow my journey here!

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