Month: April 2017

2017 Mr. Olympia Predictions

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With the 2017 Mr. Olympia fast approaching one will wonder who will win this years Mr. Olympia. On one side of the ring you have the camel crew, which includes Big Ramy, Brandon Curry and others. On the other side you have five times Mr. Olympia himself Phil “The Gift” Heath. Also, not to mention the others which includes people like Dexter Jackson, Cedric McMillan and so on.

This years Mr. Olympia will be a well contested Mr. Olympia because you have so many athletes that are armed to the teeth with muscles, mass and conditioning. It will be a bloody fight for first place.

Anyways, here are my top three predicitions for the 2017 Mr. Olympia;

  1. Phil Heath
  2. Dexter Jackson
  3. Cedric McMillan

Now, I know you guys will hate me for putting Phil Heath in first place, but man does he have the full package or what. He has the 3D thickness and size over everyone else and not to mention if he nails his condition he will a force to reckon with. Also, he has a clear political advantage over everyone else. Therefore, I believe that Phil Heath will win the 2017 Mr. Olympia for the 6th time in a row and I believe that this will be last Olympia as well.


Flex Wheeler’s Comeback my Thoughts

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Recently Flex Wheeler has announced that he will be making a come back at the 2017 Classic Physique Olympia. I believe that Flex Wheeler will do very well at the Classic Physique Olympia considering he is almost 52 years old.

With his proven symmetry minus his synthol looking arms (Sorry Flex) I think that he will be a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention his political connection in the sport of bodybuilding will pay off big time, therefore I don’t have the slightest doubt in my mind that Flex Wheeler will be in the top three.

You’ve read that right, Flex Wheeler will win the show outright or at the very least get second or third place.

The reason I believe that Flex Wheeler got back into competing again was probably because he missed that fire and that drive that built him and his identity up. It was bodybuilding that gave him his identity without bodybuilding I would assume that he was lost as Dorian Yates was when he retired from professional bodybuilding back in 1997.

Also, not to mention if Keven Levrone can make a comeback certainly Flex Wheeler can make a comeback as well. Therefore, I wish Flex Wheeler nothing but the best at this years upcoming Classic Physique Olympia. We want you to win Flex and bring the 90’s it’s well deserved glory among today’s professional athletes.