Competitive Bodybuilding is Dying


Joe and Ben Weider would roll around in their graves if they can see what there beloved sport is turning into. What once used to be a honorable sport which brought the people of the world together with physical fitness and beauty is turning into a gong show.

Tattooed freaks and people that where in the gay for pay business are now the ambassadors to the sport.

Not to mention as the physique and bikini classes get bigger and bigger by the year, competitive bodybuilding will shrink and shrink by the year. It’s just the nature of the game, another more interesting and socially acceptable sport or class if you would call it that appeared.

Also, the IFBB is becoming a shadow of its once former self without Joe and Ben Weider acting as the foundation of the IFBB. My prediction is once the foundation breaks, everything will then collapse.

Overall it is a sad thing to see, however bodybuilding still remains in our hearts, therefore do bodybuilding for yourself and yourself only!


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