2016 Mr. Olympia Predictions

With the 2016 Mr. Olympia fast approaching one will wonder who will win this years Mr. Olympia. In one corner you have the mass monster known as Kai Greene, possibly the biggest bodybuilder since Ronnie Coleman. Kai Greene has been the runner up for the Mr. Olympia for a very long time, he is most likely pissed off and really wants to accomplish his dream, goal and desire of being the most muscular and best built man in the world. While in the other corner you have Phil Heath AKA “The Gift”, this man is built like a tank and he shows it. He has been the best built man on Earth for five years now and he is most likely going for his sixth Sandow this year. However, that’s not all, a new face is fast approaching the scene, and this man is known as Cedric Mcmillan. His physique resembles a physique of one from the 70’s and 80’s which is also known as the golden age of bodybuilding.

However, I believe once again this years Mr. Olympia will be between Kai Greene and Phil Heath and I believe this will be the last time this will ever happen, because I see Phil Heath retiring after this years Mr. Olympia, however I have some very interesting predictions for this years Mr. Olympia.

My prediction goes as follows:

1. Phil Heath

2. Kai Greene

3. Cedric Mcmillan

However, if Cedric Mcmillan nails his conditioning, I see my prediction changing to this:

1. Cedric Mcmillan

2. Phil Heath

3. Kai Greene

Overall, these are my predictions, but things are not set in stone yet, so there is a very high possibility that I will be wrong. To all the competitors out there I wish them the best of luck, may the games begin!





  1. Tough one to call, aside from #1 being Phil Heath. Kai is apparently sitting out the Mr. O again. Dexter Jackson will probably earn the #2 spot, with Shawn Rhoden pushing him all the way, but coming in 3rd. Big Ramy will battle it out with Roelly Winklaar for the #4 spot. The real story here is the return ofof one of the 1990’s greatest bodybuilders. Here’s hoping 52 year old Kevin Levrone’s comeback is a success, and that his efforts earn him a place among the top 10!


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