Craig Golias Larger Then Life

Craig Golias is an amateur bodybuilder that is currently fighting to get a pro card, which would make him a professional IFBB bodybuilder. He is known for his larger then life persona and not to mention his larger then life physique.

However, some people in the bodybuilding community have criticized Craig Golias by stating that he is a phony and a fake. They say he uses Photoshop and they also say that he shoots oil in his massive arms and legs.

People also criticize this infamous photo of him, stating that most of his mass disappeared as he tried to get sliced and diced for his contest. They also made fun of his gynecomastia as well. To all those people that criticized this photo of him, all I have to say to them is this;

First off this is an old photo of him and as many people know inexperienced steroid users are more prone to gynecosmastia when compared to experienced steroid users. Which ultimately means that he was an inexperienced bodybuilder when they took this photo. He didn’t know what worked for his body yet and not to mention he didn’t know which compounds he should run and more importantly he didn’t know how he should approach the contest.

Overall, the Craig Golias of today is different from the Craig Golias of the past. With his current knowledge and experience, I expect him to be a force not to reckon with!

Therefore, my friends, I am here to say that Craig Golias is not a fake or a phony but the real deal, all three hundred odd something pounds worth!


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