Month: November 2015

Don’t Forget The Other Two Portions of the Rep

Far too often I see people in the gym neglect the other two portions of the rep, which are known as the negative portion and static portion. For these people lifting weights is all about lifting the weight and letting it drop quickly back to the starting position. If you do this your only cheating yourself!

The three portions to a single rep are as follows;

1. Negative Portion

The negative portion of the rep is where you should be muscularly the strongest. Which therefore means that you will run of strength on the positive and static parts of the rep before you ever run out of strength on the negative portion of the rep.

To perform a negative, simply complete the positive part of the rep and slowly lower the weight back to the starting points. You can also get your training partner to raise the weight for you and from there you will just simply lower the weight slowly, until you can’t do anymore.

2. Static Portion 

To perform the static portion of the repetition complete the positive part of the rep and squeeze the muscle your working on as hard as you can!

3. Positive Portion 

Everyone knows how to do the positive portion of the rep, which therefore means there’s no need for me to explain it. However, here is a fun fact for you. The positive part of the rep is the weakest part of the rep. You usually gas out on the this portion of the rep before you gas out on the negative and static portions of the rep.



Lorenzo Becker Quits Competitive Bodybuilding

Some of you may know him as the kid that turned into a monster, others simply refer to him as Lorenzo Becker. Lorenzo Becker was a French IFBB professional that entered a couple of contents. His most recent contest was at the Arnold Classic in Madrid of this year, where some official reports state that he did not place as well as he would of liked.

I believe due to his low placing at the Arnold Classic this year led Lorenzo Becker to quit competitive bodybuilding. Also, as evidenced on his social media account, Lorenzo Becker has been offline for a while now. His last post on his Facebook account was in early October, likewise with his Youtube account. Lorenzo Becker also mentions social media useless and worthless in his last Youtube video.

He also mentions how hard it was for him to get a sponsor, not one that just sends protein powder, but a real sponsor which sends monthly cheques. This is the sad reality of competitive bodybuilding, this is a sport with no money in it unless you are the top five athletes in the world. I remember Dorian Yates said in one of his recent interviews with London Real that if he didn’t get a top five finish at the 1990 Night of Champions, that he would quit competitive bodybuilding and just focus up on building up his gym and his brand. This is why I believe bodybuilding should be a hobby only, just do it for yourself and no one else.

Therefore, I believe the reasons Lorenzo Becker quit competitive bodybuilding can be summarized by these three points:

1 Lack of money in the sport

2. Getting into contest shape is difficult and hard on the body

3. Lack of interest in bodybuilding


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Big Boy Leaves Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition and Forms Strength Cartel

Big Boy also known as the strongest man that was on Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition team, has recently left the team an made his own clothing line called Strength Cartel, as can be evidenced on the video link below.

Basically to summarize Big Boy and Rich Piana had an agreement that Big Boy could make, market and enforce his new clothing line Strength Cartel. Time went on and Big Boy noticed that Rich Piana was feeling pressured and upset about Big Boy’s new company Strength Cartel.

Now here comes the funny part around the time of the Anaheim bodybuilding expo, some people on the 5% team showed some love and support to Big Boy by wearing Strength Cartel shirts, hats and shorts. A couple of days later Big Boy received a text message from Rich Piana stating that he is off the 5% team.

That’s what insecurity does to a man. Therefore, Rich, I must ask you these questions, what happened with your famous slogans “We are all in this together” and “5%er family”? Seems like the green paper has blinded you and your slogans.

However in the end, how do we know if Big Boy’s story can be trusted, we can’t. Also, this could be a marketing ploy, perhaps they planned this on purpose, 5% vs Strength Cartel in order to make some more money. In the end all we can do is assume because simply we weren’t there when it happened.


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