The Five Tale-Tale Signs of Steroid Usage

When we all see a massive and shredded guy in the gym we all want to know either his muscle building secrets or if he is on steroids. Well, my friends with these five tale-tale signs of steroid usage below, you will uncover even the most deceitful of steroid use.

Sign 1: Big Traps

Whenever someone has big traps it could be for a variety of reasons, either they are genetically gifted or they are on steroids. The reason why the trapezoid muscle gets pumped up and huge when someone is taking steroids is because there is a large concentration of androgenic receptors in the human upper body. Especially in the traps, delts and chest areas.

When someone is taking anabolic and or androgenic steroids they introduce a large volume and concentration of testosterone or a different variety of testosterone in the their bodies. Now, where does all of this testosterone go? Well it’s quite simple the testosterone molecule attaches itself to the androgenic receptors, especially the ones found in the traps, delts and chest region!

Sign 2: Armor Plated Chest

The other tale-tale sign of steroid usage is a huge thick armor plated chest. The chest region in the human body doesn’t have as much androgenic receptors at the traps and delts do, but still it has a higher concentration of these receptors then the rest of the body.

Sign 3: 3-D Delts

Again 3-D delts are a sign of steroid usage because once again that is the area where a high and vast concentration of androgenic receptors are located. When someone takes steroids they will notice a vast increase in size in their traps, delts and chest first before noticing any other growth in their body.

Sign 4: Pointy and Long Nipples

This is a sign, I noticed with most heavy duty steroid users and even the small time users. Their nipples become pointy, long and even there areolas shrink, signalling a sign of very high testosterone levels. way above the normal levels!

Sign 5: Gynecomastia 

Gynecomastia is another tale-tale sign of steroid usage. Now, the more experienced steroid users will hide and get rid of their gynecomastia if they had any in the first place by introducing an estrogen blocker such as Arimidex.

An inexperienced steroid user however, might not afford or know of estrogen blockers such as Arimidex, and boom all of a sudden gynecomastia will hit them harder then a hammer.

Gynecomastia is a result of too much estrogen in the male body. When an inexperienced user takes steroids their testosterone levels increase and so do their estrogen levels, since the human body always wants to be in the state of equilibrium. Not to mentions also some of the testosterone aromatizes into estrogen due to the aromatase enzyme.

Overall, I hope that these five tale-tale signs of steroid usage helps you to spot fakes naturals in the gym! However, it shouldn’t matter to you if they are taking steroids or not, since it’s their body and it’s none of your business, but the real reasons I wrote this article is because some people find this topic very interesting!


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