Kali Muscle’s Slap City Banned for Good

Kali Muscle has been keeping it real and gangster to his fans out there on social media land. He is known for his famous preworkout called Hyphy Mud and his famous way of motivating people before doing a set in the gym, by hitting and slapping them, which is known as slap city!

Thankfully slap city has been banned for good at bodybuilding and fitness expos. Now, I understand some people find tortures techniques motivating before they do a set or anything for that matter, but in my mind it’s pretty crazy and disgusting. However, I believe the vast majority of people in the fitness industry do not get any motivation from tortures techniques such as slap city. In fact I believe the only reason people do it is too look cool and tough, because lets face it Kali Muscle did a good job promoting and marketing slap city and now every person in the fitness community and industry knows what it is.

Slap city is like the knockout game, it caught on and now everyone’s doing it just to fit in because it looks cool. Like I said above, thankfully it got banned and I hope it eventually dies down. If you do not find something motivating then don’t do it, stay away from the rat race and just be yourself!


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