How Social Media Is Going To Amp Up Steroid Usage

Some say social media is a curse others say it is a gift from heaven, I am personally in the middle of that quarrel and I truly believe that social media is going to amp up steroid usage among teenagers and young adults. With social media these young people have access to unlimited amount of information and pictures of their favorite fitness stars.

They see the sexy girls, the luxurious cars and the godly physique these fitness stars have and most likely the people viewing these pictures will try to mimic that lifestyle. That is why you see a huge explosion in the amount of people that hit the weights. No one knew what the gym was back twenty or thirty years ago but thanks to social media gym memberships across the country and the world I would assume gym memberships exploded.

This is not good, and with the NPC/IFBB making a new classic bodybuilding division, I believe that will only speed up the process. I am totally against steroid usage among young adults and if you are a young adult and is thinking of taking anabolic steroids, well good luck to you. Yes, you will live the good life for a while, you will most likely get the opposite sex’s attention with your new muscles and such but eventually that will cease to exist in the long term. As you get older you will most likely be pinning your ass with a needle every week because your endocrine system is so screwed up that without synthetic hormones your body can’t function from day to day. Unless you know that you will be Mr. Olympia someday or a professional athlete I would advise you to stay away from anabolic steroids!


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