Natty or Not Gets Smoked on His Flexible Dieting Opinion

I recently came across another article from the website Natty or Not and once again he is mixing pears and apples!

Get ready to read these upcoming five words. All calories are not equal. Yet, some people like Natty or Not think that two hundred or whatever many calories of lets say good quality chicken breasts is the same as two hundred calories of chocolate ice cream. I am sorry to say this to you guys but two hundred calories of chicken breasts is not the same as two hundred calories of chocolate ice cream. All calories are not equal and neither are people. Think of this for a second, the political ideology of communism wanted everyone to be equal, well look how that turned out. They failed to realize that everyone is different and everyone is built differently. The same goes for calories, the two hundred calories of chocolate ice cream contains a different amount of sugar, protein, carbohydrates and so on when compared to the two hundred calories of lean chicken breast.

If that still didn’t get through your head, then think of this way. Let’s say I give one builder a Styrofoam sheet which is 4×8 and another builder a plywood sheet which is also 4×8 and tell them to build me a house or whatever with it. Who do you think is going to build a more durable and better product, builder number two of course!

Now, some of the popular fitness celebrities are pushing this kind of flexible dieting, the only reason it works for them is because they are on the performance enhancers! Just remember these words lads, all calories are not equal!


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  1. Hey man, I saw the post too. He said that all things considered, you can still achieve weight loss while eating shitty foods providing a caloric deficit, but……you will feel like shit eating them and the diet is unsustainable long term and those that do use it all the time are taking tons of fat stripping drugs. Natty or Not from what I’ve seen has always kinda been anti junk food and ultra high carb diets.


  2. I can see where you’re coming from saying that 200 calories from a certain food does not equal 200 cal of a different food.

    But, when you are trying to go for body composition (losing weight) 200 cal of a certain food does actually in fact equal 200 cal of a different food.

    As long as you’re in a caloric deficit you’re bound to lose weight no matter what you eat, (just depends on how much you eat) that is why people are trying to push flexible dieting


    1. Hey, Lorenz thanks for including your website when you posted your comment. Your website looks cool. However, anyways I will have to disagree with you. Think of it this way, lets say your dieting and in front of you have exactly 200 calories of fat and 200 calories of protein. Which one do you think is going to sustain your muscle mass and help you build more, the protein of course! All calories are not equal. If I where dieting I would just cut down my calories while eating clean!!! Thats it man!!!


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