Month: July 2015

Enjoy Dieting With Anabolic Cooking

Let’s face it bodybuilding is a tough sport, requiring only but the best you can muster up, and even then, your best, wont be good enough. Even with a zen like mind and iron body many fail. This is due to to the many factors. Factors, such as food that effect you and your bodybuilding progress.

Dieting is rough and hard, I mean who wants to eat bland food that is tasteless and all around unpleasant to eat. I know I don’t!

Child eating boring

Why do you think bodybuilders are ecstatic, happy and load up with any kind of food that they can get once they finish there dieting and competition. They are happy because the torture is finally over, they no longer have to force down another bite of their bland and tasteless food such as chicken rice.

Look at the picture above do you really want to look at your food with such disgust that even if you force it down your throat you’ll gulp it back up and throw up. Do you want to despise and hate the best part of bodybuilding which is eating tasty and nutritious food, I know I don’t!


With Anabolic Cooking you no longer have to look at your food with such disgust, with Anabolic Cooking you will actually enjoy one of the many factors of bodybuilding, which in this case is food. Anabolic Cooking provides you with over two hundred tasty, quick and easy recipes which you can use to your advantage, whatever your bodybuilding goal may be!

Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose!


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Enjoy The Experience

There comes a time in our lives where our bodies begin to slow down. It’s called aging. Muscle building becomes harder and sticking a needle up your ass wont cut it either. Yes, it might slow down the effects for a bit, but eventually as you grow in age you too will become a victim of aging.

To all those people spending countless hours in the gym, working hard and isolating themselves in order to add an extra ounce of muscle mass on their bodies, I say enjoy the experience and enjoy your muscles, because they too will be gone someday!

If that means using your muscles as a tool in order to get girls, do it, I am not stopping you, because in the future you will either not haven enough time to hit the gym or your muscles will disappear due to old age!

Enjoy it while you can!


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Natty or Not Interview

I would personally like to thank the owner of the website Natty or Not for allowing me to interview him. I hope you as the reader enjoy and find this interview quite interesting as I have. Not to mention, you might learn a thing or two! Enjoy!



NON: Natty or Not


NBB:  Why did you start the famous website Natty or not?

NON: I had a blog before Natty or Not that I used as an emotional recycle bin. At one point I started posting about fake naturals. The posts were terribly written, and yet people seemed really interested, although this was not the main goal of the blog. So, I created a separate site for this stuff and Natty or Not was born.

NBB: I personally find your website and these kind of taboo topics quite interesting. How did you know you where being lied too by various enhanced fitness athletes and supplement companies?

NON: I tried a lot of things and nothing worked. I’ve written about most of my experience with 5×5, Rippetoe, Serge Nubret pump training, Dorian Yates HIT…. Despite my efforts I never looked like I lifted. Naturally, that made me question what’s wrong. I knew my genetics for building muscle were not that great, but I was convinced there’s more to the story than it meets the eye. At the time, I didn’t believe steroids were that popular, but after a few years I had enough experience in real life to confirm my suspicion that everybody from Mr. Beach Body to Mr. Olympia are pinning their glutes like darts. Of course, a big part of that was the original GH15 account on

NBB: Contrary to me I have only tried two training techniques, Dorian Yates HIT and conventional volume training. For me personally, I have found out that Dorian Yates HIT works wonders on me rather then conventional volume training. Everyone is different, anyways, why did you start training? was it for girls or where you trying to be someone you weren’t?

NON:  I started training because I had a terrible posture and was really skinny. I have photos of me from 9-10 grade – I was 135 lbs at 6′. The girls were a factor, but my poor body stats were a stronger motivation.

I don’t think I was trying to be someone else. I just wanted to improve.  Unfortunately, I was also convinced that I could be like the guys from the popular lifting websites. So, in a sense I have to admit that I was trying to become something that I couldn’t be naturally.

NBB: Next question. Many people think you’re an insecure maggot and a hater, what do you say to those people?

NON: They are right, except for the maggot/faggot part. I am not.

NBB: Be honest, do you like bodybuilding? If so, who is your favorite bodybuilder?

NON:  I don’t like modern bodybuilding that much. It has some disgusting features. I don’t like the thongs and the way competitions are organized, but most of all I don’t like how people are willing to sell their God given health for a plastic trophy. I think professional bodybuilding takes way more than it gives back. The amount of drugs those guys take is beyond sane levels. The even sadder part is that bodybuilding is always ruled by politics and the fate of participants is in the hands of a bunch of crooks. It has been like that since the very beginning.

Favorite bodybuilder? hahaha

Modern guys look terrible with those alien carrying guts, and I don’t like any of them. If I have to pick one bodybuilder, it would be Danny Padilla. If I was a judge and he stood next to the modern fridges, I would vote for him.

NBB: My friend sort of looks like one of those fridges you explained above, He has a thick waist and not very appealing arms, shoulders and chest, like I said we are all different, no two people are the same. Anyways, what did you think of the Instagram whores, also known as the various fitness athletes and other people of that nature?

NON: I’ve written about that phenomenon many times. I think the main reason for this “attention whoring” is the need to feel like a celebrity, and social media is a good way to do it these days. The digital age has given an opportunity to many rather poor and simple people to gain attention, and I am not an exception. There is no doubt that without the Internet I wouldn’t be able to reach so many people, not a chance.

Anyway, those girls simply want to feel like kings and less lonely I guess. However, many of the fitness models with millions of fans are way too narcissistic. I guess it’s a bodybuilding thing. Think for a second…isn’t Mr. Olympia Phil Heath himself an Instagram addict too. He constantly posts low levels stuff like Gucci garbage and custom made sneakers for clowns. It’s stupid, although I have to admit that sometimes it’s quite amusing to seem him arguing with “haters”. In case you are wondering, I have never been one of those haters.

NBB: I thank you for your time and effort, cheers!

Why It’s Good To Give Your Body a Break

I have always advocated people to take a break from the gym once in a while. It’s okay, if you take a week or even two weeks off from the gym, and best of all you wont lose any muscle mass and size, in fact you will be stronger and bigger then ever!

By taking some time off from the gym, you give your body a chance to recover itself and by doing this you will feel refreshed and ready to tackle your bodybuilding or powerlifting goals.

Many people do this, for example a professional bodybuilder will cycle on and off steroids. By doing this the bodybuilder gives their body a break and allows the receptor sites to be cleared, so when they cycle on, they will blow up like a balloon.

Therefore, have no fear and give your body a break!


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Funny Comments on Rich Piana’s Youtube Channel

rich piana shirt

Take one look at any of Rich Piana’s Youtube videos and you will notice so many comments that make fun of him, his supplement company and his clothing company. From time to time I read these comments and I find them quite amusing and at the same time wrong.

Most of these comments are posted over and over again by the same people. These same people hate Rich Piana and are trying everything they can in order to attack and halt his new found fame and success. However, they are doing more good then bad. These same people patiently wait for Rich Piana to upload a new Youtube video in order to upload there same funny comments. If you notice each and every one of these comments receive hundreds if not thousands of likes. These people are addicted to the likes, so instead of hitting Rich Piana where it hurts, they are instead lining his pocketbook with more money.

If you want to hit Rich Piana where it hurts, stop watching his videos! I personally am not a fan of Rich Piana, but that doesn’t mean I have to attack him! Case closed!


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