Rich Piana’s “You Can Never do to Much”

In many current and previous videos Rich Piana mentions that the biggest fallacy of bodybuilding is this whole thing of you can do to much. He says “You can never do to much”. Well, I am here to tell you that in bodybuilding you can always do to much when it comes to training, unless of course you are using the performance enhancers.

If you are using the performance enhancers you should have no fear when it comes to over training since your body recovers way faster then the average gym rat. If your not using the performance enhancers your workouts should be short and intense just enough to stimulate the muscles to grow!

In my opinion, I believe you can’t listen to these Youtube stars, such as Rich Piana because they live a completely different and opposite life then you. These Youtube stars, do what they want, when they want! Rich Piana is able to sleep when he wants, trains for however long he wants and just simply put has the freedom to do whatever he wants. I and the vast bodybuilding community, do not have that kind of luxury we have jobs, go to school or simply put do not have the time as these Youtube stars do!


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