Phil Heath the Most Hated Bodybuilder of all Time

According to the Kai Greene fans out there and other various bodybuilding fans, Phil Heath is the enemy, thus making him the most hated bodybuilder of all time. They hate his cocky attitude, his expensive materialistic items and his guts and they wont stop at nothing to remind him that he sucks and that he didn’t deserve to win the 2014 Mr. Olympia.

Now, if this wasn’t wasn’t bad enough, Phil Heath wastes his own finite time responding to these kind of people, which clearly means that they are screwing him over mentally. Phil Heath knows he wasn’t at his best during the 2014 Mr. Olympia and these hateful comments make it even worse for him. Talk about psychological warfare in the sport of bodybuilding!

However, the Kai Greene fans which ultimately hate Phil Heath with a passion and are the crusaders of this hate, must remember that this ins’t a motivational seminar, this is bodybuilding for crying out loud, the man with the best all around body always wins!


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