Vaporize Your Body Fat Away With the Afterburner Effect

Summer is just around the corner and many people are in a rush to lose their body fat. Some will succeed while the vast majority wont, due to a large variety of reasons.

Losing fat is a very simple and easy process, in order to lose fat you will have eat less and cut back your caloric intake or you can activate your bodies natural thermogenic system. I don’t know about you but I enjoy feeling full and eating, so I would rather activate my bodies natural thermogenic system by doing cardio or increasing my bodies core temperature.

Back in 1918 Harris and Benedict discovered that when doing cardio the body would activate its natural thermogenic system thus creating the afterburner effect. Doing cardiovascular training puts the bodies metabolism into overdrive, thus making you burn calories even when you sleep!

Now there are other ways to get the full effect of the afterburner effect and that is by increasing your bodies core temperature. Once again, by increasing your bodies core temperature you burn fat, since your metabolism is working in overdrive and because your sweating!

The natural ways to do this are by, once again doing cardio, taking caffeine or ephedrine which are central nervous system stimulants or by going to the sauna after a hard days training. There are of course ways to do this unnaturally and that is by using bodybuilding drugs or enhancement drugs such as steroids, but I am a hundred percent certain that most of my readers are not interested in taking that route.

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