Month: May 2015

Bringing Back The Decline Bench Press From The Dust

When most people think of the chest or pectoral muscle most people automatically think of the flat bench press. No one ever notices or uses the decline bench press out there in the vast majority of the gyms!

The flat bench press has infiltrated most people’s minds and when most people train chest they most likely hop on the bench press, without giving consideration to the other vast chest exercises out there. This is due to the flat bench press being the most popular chest exercise out there. In fact it could actually be the most popular exercise in the history of mankind. However, just because it is the most popular exercise in the world, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best exercise out there.

If you want to gain some serious mass on your chest, consider including the decline bench press in your routine. Most bodybuilding and fitness experts recommend doing the decline bench press for greater chest development, and many bodybuilding champions such as Dorian Yates recommend it too.

Not only that, the decline bench press effectively targets the chest muscle without putting to much strain on ones shoulders or front deltoid, something which the flat bench press lacks.

Overall, please consider including the decline bench press in your chest routine for greater muscular development in your chest area. Let’s bring this exercise out from the dark and into the limelight again!

Response to Natty or Not

Just let is go, Natty or Not, just let it go!

Look, I agree with you when it come to the fact that a large portion of the fitness athletes or whatever you want to call them, use steroids and other various bodybuilding drugs. Look man, I don’t like it either when someone claims that they are natty but in reality they are really not, or when a fitness athlete promotes a bullshit bodybuilding supplement to naive people, but they are humans like us, they have to survive and eat too. I also see many people my age are hopping on the steroid bandwagon, just to get a ahead and become the most muscular person in the club, beach or block, but please just let it go Natty or Not. If someone wants to stick a needle up their ass for the rest of their life, let them, it’s their choice not yours or mine. If someone wants to destroy their body, let them, it’s their choice, not ours!

There’s no point for me, you or anyone else to be pissed off or jealous at someone else that has a better then us, even if they used the performance enhancers.

Lets face it, this world is not fair, there’s people in this world that are pure evil and that will do anything just to get ahead or just to get that extra dollar. Everyone has their own body, everyone thinks differently, everyone responds differently and no two people are the same. If someone finds joy or happiness out of sticking a needle up their ass and being the biggest and baddest bodybuilder on the block, let them do it, it’s their body, not yours!


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