Three Reasons Training Partners Suck

Whether you’re training back or training chest a proper training partner can give you the motivation to get you through that last repetition. Not to mention the proper training partner can give you the tips and suggestions you need to make your physique better! However, lets be serious here, most training partners suck!

Below, you will find the top three reasons why trainingĀ partners suck!

Reason 1: Your Goals Are Not The Same:

Most of the time your training goals wont be the same as your training partners unless you and your training partner are professional bodybuilders, athletes or etc.

All might seem fine and dandy right now, but if your goals are not the same, a fallout will occur!

Reason 2: Your Time Schedules Are Not The Same:

This is the main treason why training partners suck, if you can’t get a damn training session in together, how are you supposed progress and improve your physique!

This was one of the reasons I stopped training with my training partner and let me tell you, I made more improvement without him than with him!

Reason 3: Talking Instead of Training:

Most of the time my former training partner and I would talk about what happened last night instead of focusing on training, and I am a hundred percent sure it has happened to you too!

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