Bodybuilding-It Was Never For The Girls

Why do you train, is it for the girls? This is perhaps the most asked question I get when people see my physique and how I progressed during the years.

You see, I was just a 17 year old young kid when I first stepped into the gym. Weight training was the only option available to me since physical education class didn’t exist in grade 11 and besides I took it because all my friends where going to take it.

When I first stepped into the weight training room at my high school, I was sort of scared, I mean who wouldn’t be since everything was new to me and since I was a new face. All I can say was that during my grade 11 year, I didn’t know anything and I didn’t make any effort to try and learn something from the much more experienced grade 12’s. All I did was sit on the chest press machine all day and pretend to train chest. As far I was concerned I was in this class just for the easy marks, while doing nothing!

It wasn’t until the beginning of grade 12 that I changed my mentality. All of a sudden I was quite interested in bodybuilding and I learned quite a lot from my experienced friends and from bodybuilding videos and websites. I then implemented the things I learned and used it in the gym, and man I grew like a weed.

Also, around this time I began to develop a passion for bodybuilding and weight training. You see I didn’t go to the gym just to get girls I did it because I loved it. Maybe, that’s why so many people failed while I succeeded. Maybe that’s why I still train today while some of my friends gave up after seeing no results with the opposite sex.

Yes, I wont lie some girls love men with big muscles and I received a lot of this attention, but this wasn’t the reason I began bodybuilding! I did it because I loved it! Whenever you do anything in life do it because you love it and not because you want to please someone else!

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