The Three Hardest Muscles To Grow

Sometimes targeting a specific muscle doesn’t go as planned and eventually people give up and train a different muscle group, or cut their workout short. It has happened to me and many others many times. That is why you see many people with lagging body parts, yes genetics has a role in it, but it is mostly not having the motivation to train these muscle groups.

In my opinion the three hardest muscle groups to grow are; rear delts, calves and forearms.

Rear Delts:

These tiny muscle is so hard to destroy, it’s not even funny. Not to mention the lack of exercises seriously can effect ones motivation when training this tiny muscle group. The lack of feeling and isolation when training this muscle group makes you just want to give up.

It’s so frustrating, I don’t even know what you can do except lower the weight, train light and really squeeze the muscle, which goes against my heavy duty training philosophy.


Need I say more…

I barely see people train calves, and I believe that is because of the lack of exercises. Also, since calves are not cool, like the biceps and triceps are, people end up neglecting them. Mike Mentzer recommends to train calves less and focus on exercises which indirectly train calves, such as squats. Maybe, I’ll try that next time, might as well give it a shot!


Notice the pattern here. The lack of exercise make forearm training a pain the rear end. I, however have noticed that behind the back forearm curls are quite effective, and my forearms are growing while I do them in the gym.

Overall, the best thing you can do is experiment and see what works for you. If you don’t feel or like a particular exercise, don’t do it! As, I like to say experimentation is the secret key to muscle growth, because no one knows your body better then you!

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