Month: April 2015

Three Reasons Training Partners Suck

Whether you’re training back or training chest a proper training partner can give you the motivation to get you through that last repetition. Not to mention the proper training partner can give you the tips and suggestions you need to make your physique better! However, lets be serious here, most training partners suck!

Below, you will find the top three reasons why training partners suck!

Reason 1: Your Goals Are Not The Same:

Most of the time your training goals wont be the same as your training partners unless you and your training partner are professional bodybuilders, athletes or etc.

All might seem fine and dandy right now, but if your goals are not the same, a fallout will occur!

Reason 2: Your Time Schedules Are Not The Same:

This is the main treason why training partners suck, if you can’t get a damn training session in together, how are you supposed progress and improve your physique!

This was one of the reasons I stopped training with my training partner and let me tell you, I made more improvement without him than with him!

Reason 3: Talking Instead of Training:

Most of the time my former training partner and I would talk about what happened last night instead of focusing on training, and I am a hundred percent sure it has happened to you too!

Bodybuilding-It Was Never For The Girls

Why do you train, is it for the girls? This is perhaps the most asked question I get when people see my physique and how I progressed during the years.

You see, I was just a 17 year old young kid when I first stepped into the gym. Weight training was the only option available to me since physical education class didn’t exist in grade 11 and besides I took it because all my friends where going to take it.

When I first stepped into the weight training room at my high school, I was sort of scared, I mean who wouldn’t be since everything was new to me and since I was a new face. All I can say was that during my grade 11 year, I didn’t know anything and I didn’t make any effort to try and learn something from the much more experienced grade 12’s. All I did was sit on the chest press machine all day and pretend to train chest. As far I was concerned I was in this class just for the easy marks, while doing nothing!

It wasn’t until the beginning of grade 12 that I changed my mentality. All of a sudden I was quite interested in bodybuilding and I learned quite a lot from my experienced friends and from bodybuilding videos and websites. I then implemented the things I learned and used it in the gym, and man I grew like a weed.

Also, around this time I began to develop a passion for bodybuilding and weight training. You see I didn’t go to the gym just to get girls I did it because I loved it. Maybe, that’s why so many people failed while I succeeded. Maybe that’s why I still train today while some of my friends gave up after seeing no results with the opposite sex.

Yes, I wont lie some girls love men with big muscles and I received a lot of this attention, but this wasn’t the reason I began bodybuilding! I did it because I loved it! Whenever you do anything in life do it because you love it and not because you want to please someone else!

The Three Hardest Muscles To Grow

Sometimes targeting a specific muscle doesn’t go as planned and eventually people give up and train a different muscle group, or cut their workout short. It has happened to me and many others many times. That is why you see many people with lagging body parts, yes genetics has a role in it, but it is mostly not having the motivation to train these muscle groups.

In my opinion the three hardest muscle groups to grow are; rear delts, calves and forearms.

Rear Delts:

These tiny muscle is so hard to destroy, it’s not even funny. Not to mention the lack of exercises seriously can effect ones motivation when training this tiny muscle group. The lack of feeling and isolation when training this muscle group makes you just want to give up.

It’s so frustrating, I don’t even know what you can do except lower the weight, train light and really squeeze the muscle, which goes against my heavy duty training philosophy.


Need I say more…

I barely see people train calves, and I believe that is because of the lack of exercises. Also, since calves are not cool, like the biceps and triceps are, people end up neglecting them. Mike Mentzer recommends to train calves less and focus on exercises which indirectly train calves, such as squats. Maybe, I’ll try that next time, might as well give it a shot!


Notice the pattern here. The lack of exercise make forearm training a pain the rear end. I, however have noticed that behind the back forearm curls are quite effective, and my forearms are growing while I do them in the gym.

Overall, the best thing you can do is experiment and see what works for you. If you don’t feel or like a particular exercise, don’t do it! As, I like to say experimentation is the secret key to muscle growth, because no one knows your body better then you!