How to Stop Beer Bellies in Bodybuilding

You may have saw that beer bellies in the sport of bodybuilding are getting more and more popular among the competitors. Many blame human growth hormone and insulin as the main culprits, other on the other hand blame the judges for allowing this to happen in the sport of bodybuilding. In reality it is a mixture of these things, but below I will offer solutions on how to reduce and stop this nuisance once and for all.

1. Reintroduce Diuretics: Bodybuilders of the 90’s still had access to human growth hormone, insulin and other bodybuilding drugs which the competitors of the today are using, but the only difference is they came in shredded to the bone. This is partly due to diuretics, good diets and the opinions of the judges. By reintroducing diuretics back in bodybuilding, you’ll give bodybuilders a chance to get rid of any last minute water on them, thus reducing their beer bellies.

2. Award Conditioning: By awarding a competitor that has conditioning over size, many bodybuilders will notice that and will try to come in dry to the bone for their next competition.

3. Limit Certain Drugs: This is pretty much self explanatory, by limiting certain drugs such as insulin, trenbolone, human growth hormone and other drugs that make the organs grow you’ll pretty much get rid of the common beer belly problem found on most bodybuilders.

Overall, the only people that can make the difference with this nuisance are the owners and judges of the sport of bodybuilding. It is them that select the winners of the competitions and it is them with enough power to change the current path bodybuilding is heading towards.

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