Psychological Warfare In the Sport of Bodybuilding

With so many men fighting to be the best built man on planet Earth, it’s no wonder why psychological warfare exists in the sport of professional bodybuilding.

So many professional bodybuilders have used this tactic from Arnold Schwarzenegger all the way to Dorian Yates, psychological warfare has been used in their advantage.

Take for example Arnold Schwarzenegger, the king of kings when it comes to psychological warfare. At the Mr. Olympia or any competition for that matter he would get the photographers to spend a lot of time just photographing him onstage, while ignoring the rest of the competitors. When the next competitor would come out to pose they would just turn away and give all the valuable attention to Arnold Schwarzenegger, telling him how fantastic he looked and how he already won the competition. This trick obviously threw the other competitions off track of course and they all began to fight for second place, because in their minds Arnold Schwarzenegger was already the winner when in reality he wasn’t yet!

Dorian Yates on the other hand would be all covered up and then make the big reveal to his competitors with his back towards them. Once they saw his level of conditioning, hardness, mass and size they knew they where fighting for second place.

Overall, psychological warfare exists not only in sports but in all walks of life from businesses to friendships. I am also a hundred percent certain that even you the reader reading this article has been psychologically messed up because someone said something or did something. I too was in that spot and the best thing to do is not to care, nor listen to those voice in your head. Just focus on yourself and don’t get phased!

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