Month: March 2015

Size First, Conditioning Second

Too many times I got asked the question “Should I cut now?”, one quick glance at the person asking me the question and it’s all clear that they are not ready to cut yet. I have yet to see one person that is ready.

The off-season is so important to the professional bodybuilder and even to your average gym rat. You can say that the off-season is where you make it or break it. It’s in the off season where you make all your muscular gains. By training hard and getting your calories in the off-season you will build very hard and dense muscle mass that will not disappear overnight!

Therefore build a base first before you begin to cut. Like I said before this base is built in the off-season, if you lack this base/foundation your physique will be flawed. Without this base you will have nothing to show the world!

Get Jaw dropping Abs By “Spitting it Out”

Everyone knows that abs are made in the kitchen and not the gym, yet people still fall for the same trap. They end up buying a rubbish supplement or workout plan that is designed to take their hard-earned money away from them. When in reality the only thing that they will need to do in order to get jaw dropping abs is to “Spit it out”.

If It Tastes Good Spit It Out:

If you want to get jaw dropping abs you will have to stop eating junk food such as chips, chocolates and so on. If it tastes good just spit it out. Junk foods are packed with artificial flavors, sugar, salt and simple carbohydrates that will pack fat on you. I do not care if you love the taste of your favorite soda, chocolate bar or whatever, you have to decide what is more important to you. Do you want to be that “guy” in the fitness magazines that everyone’s talking about or are you happy with just being average or maybe even below average. The choice is yours.

Take Control Of Your Diet:

In order to get jaw dropping abs you have to take control of your diet. Abs are made in the kitchen rather than the gym. If this means eating a plain old meal, containing protein, carbohydrates and fats every thee to four hours then that is what it takes. Remember that there is no magic pill if there was everyone would be walking around with abs. Remember that you do not have bad genetics, nor do you need to buy expensive books and supplements in order to have abs. All you need is will power. If you believe you can do it and if you truly believe in yourself then getting abs will be easy as one, two and three. Like I said, put in the time and your hard work will show, there are no shortcuts to use when it comes to getting six pack or eight pack abs. It is slow and hard but I truly believe you can do it.

Performance Enhancing Drugs Are Used Everywhere

Don’t be fooled, performance enhancing drugs are used in most of the competitive sports. Just because an athlete doesn’t look like a bodybuilder, doesn’t mean they don’t take any performance enhancing drugs. Look at Lance Armstrong for example the guy was a cyclist yet he took performance enhancers. If you saw him on the street, you would never guess it.

Which makes me come to the conclusion that the anti-doping committee and tests are a joke. In most sports they do not even test for all of the illegal substances. How can you have a clean sport if your anti-doping tests and committee are a joke?. The answer to that is simply you can’t!

Therefore don’t be fooled, performance enhancing drugs are used in most sports. Sports are supposed to be something natural, clean, fun and of course contain a little bit of friendly competition, while trying to make it as equal as possible. Sports should not be tainted with performance enhancing drugs, because it taints the image of the sports fame and general popularity towards the general population.

The Pros of Today vs The Pros of The Golden Age of Bodybuilding

For me personally, I believe that the 90’s was the golden age of bodybuilding rather than the 70’s. I know, I’ll get a lot of flak for saying that because Arnold Schwarzenegger made a name for himself and for the sport of bodybuilding during this time. First through the film “Pumping Iron” and then through all the other movies that he did throughout his acting career.

However, though the 70’s was sort of bleak and boring when it came to the competitors and competitions and you must understand that his was due to the sport being relatively new. Not many people understood what bodybuilding is and many didn’t understand why people would pump up and be muscular and massive. Also, not to mention there where not a whole lot of fitness centers in the world in general, during this time!

It was not until the late 80’s and early 90’s when bodybuilding was finally mainstream and was gaining momentum, in terms of popularity. People fully embraced the sport of bodybuilding the public where going to fitness centers, watching bodybuilding shows, taking bodybuilding supplements and so on. It was even on national television (ESPN).

The 90’s was the peak of bodybuilding, today, however, that is a different story. Bodybuilding is slowly declining in popularity and not to mention the physique division is gaining immense popularity and it might pass bodybuilding in terms of popularity.

Not to mention the pros of today simply can’t compare with the pros of the 90’s. There’s no blood and guts anymore and just like in the 70’s the of professional bodybuilding shows of today are quite bleak and boring. Back in the 90’s guys where breathing down the other competitors neck, that’s how interesting and intense the competition was. You had guys like Dorian Yates, Flex Wheeler, Shawn Ray, Nasser El Sonbaty, Kevin Levrone, Ronnie Coleman and so on, all fighting for first place. Not to mention back then you had a way lot more bodybuilding shows then compared to now.

Overall, what I am trying to say is that as much as I respect the professional bodybuilding athletes of today, bodybuilding is not the same like it was at its peak, which was the late 80’s and 90’s. Also, I predict in the near future that the physique division will become more and more popular, eventually over shadowing bodybuilding. I hope it doesn’t happen, but if it does it will be a very sad day.

The Two Hardest Muscle Groups to Grow

Now, you might be thinking of various muscle groups that are hard to grow. Some people might say that the biceps and triceps are the hardest muscle group to grow, other people on the other hand might say that the traps and the calves are the hardest muscle group to grow. Generally speaking though, the two hardest muscle groups to grow are the calves and the forearms.

I have yet to see someone that has either monster calves or freaky forearms in the gym, it just doesn’t happen, unless your a professional bodybuilder on the juice. This is due to the lack of variety of exercises and the sheer boredom when it comes to training these muscle groups.

Now, don’t get me wrong there are some great exercises to do when it comes to training forearms and calves, but they just don’t quite cut it.

Overall, what I am trying to say is that I wish we had more variety of exercises when it comes to training calves and forearms, so that we can make training these muscle groups less boring and more interesting!

How to Stop Beer Bellies in Bodybuilding

You may have saw that beer bellies in the sport of bodybuilding are getting more and more popular among the competitors. Many blame human growth hormone and insulin as the main culprits, other on the other hand blame the judges for allowing this to happen in the sport of bodybuilding. In reality it is a mixture of these things, but below I will offer solutions on how to reduce and stop this nuisance once and for all.

1. Reintroduce Diuretics: Bodybuilders of the 90’s still had access to human growth hormone, insulin and other bodybuilding drugs which the competitors of the today are using, but the only difference is they came in shredded to the bone. This is partly due to diuretics, good diets and the opinions of the judges. By reintroducing diuretics back in bodybuilding, you’ll give bodybuilders a chance to get rid of any last minute water on them, thus reducing their beer bellies.

2. Award Conditioning: By awarding a competitor that has conditioning over size, many bodybuilders will notice that and will try to come in dry to the bone for their next competition.

3. Limit Certain Drugs: This is pretty much self explanatory, by limiting certain drugs such as insulin, trenbolone, human growth hormone and other drugs that make the organs grow you’ll pretty much get rid of the common beer belly problem found on most bodybuilders.

Overall, the only people that can make the difference with this nuisance are the owners and judges of the sport of bodybuilding. It is them that select the winners of the competitions and it is them with enough power to change the current path bodybuilding is heading towards.

Psychological Warfare In the Sport of Bodybuilding

With so many men fighting to be the best built man on planet Earth, it’s no wonder why psychological warfare exists in the sport of professional bodybuilding.

So many professional bodybuilders have used this tactic from Arnold Schwarzenegger all the way to Dorian Yates, psychological warfare has been used in their advantage.

Take for example Arnold Schwarzenegger, the king of kings when it comes to psychological warfare. At the Mr. Olympia or any competition for that matter he would get the photographers to spend a lot of time just photographing him onstage, while ignoring the rest of the competitors. When the next competitor would come out to pose they would just turn away and give all the valuable attention to Arnold Schwarzenegger, telling him how fantastic he looked and how he already won the competition. This trick obviously threw the other competitions off track of course and they all began to fight for second place, because in their minds Arnold Schwarzenegger was already the winner when in reality he wasn’t yet!

Dorian Yates on the other hand would be all covered up and then make the big reveal to his competitors with his back towards them. Once they saw his level of conditioning, hardness, mass and size they knew they where fighting for second place.

Overall, psychological warfare exists not only in sports but in all walks of life from businesses to friendships. I am also a hundred percent certain that even you the reader reading this article has been psychologically messed up because someone said something or did something. I too was in that spot and the best thing to do is not to care, nor listen to those voice in your head. Just focus on yourself and don’t get phased!