2015 Mr. Olympia Predictions: Kai Greene vs Phil Heath

The 2015 Mr. Olympia may be eight months away, however I believe this is the perfect time to voice my predictions and opinions on this important matter anyways.

For the first place title and the famous Sandow trophy, I believe will be fought by two famous giants. These famous giants are without a doubt the most famous people in the fitness industry. You might have heard about them before, their names Kai Greene and Phil Heath and the 2015 Mr. Olympia will be fought between them only and no one else.

Therefore my predictions of the top three in the 2015 Mr. Olympia are:

1. Phil Heath

2. Kai Greene

3. Big Ramy (If he nails his conditioning)

Once again I know I will get a lot of flak by Kai Greene fans by putting the “cocky” Phil Heath first place again, but please let me speak. I believe the way Kai Greene acted in last years Mr. Olympia will cause him some grief in this years Mr. Olympia. Kai Greene, however, is actively trying to fix the mistake he made last year by appearing good or trying to do good in the world as evidenced by his social media updates and pictures. What he is basically trying to do is appear as a kind, popular and knowledgeable gentle giant towards the owners and judges of the corrupt sport of bodybuilding. I believe it’s working, as you can see, because many people still support him and he just recently surpassed Phil Heath with the most fans in the fitness industry as evidenced on his social media accounts. However, his infamous past (grapefruit) still lingers on him and I believe it will be his greatest challenge for the sport of bodybuilding owners and judges to forgive him or give him leeway for that.

On the other hand, I believe what happened on the Mr. Olympia stage last year will give Phil Heath the motivation and desire he needs to win the 2015 Mr. Olympia. I believe Phil Heath will try to prove his “haters” wrong in this years Mr. Olympia.

In the end who knows what will happen, I can only voice my predictions and opinions. I believe we will witness a good Mr. Olympia this year. Overall, I wish all the competitors nothing but the best in their lives and on this years Mr. Olympia stage.


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