Natty Or Not Is Wrong

I recently came across a recent article from the website “Natty or Not” and I must say that their recent article is complete bullshit. They state that it is impossible for a natural bodybuilder or regular gym goer to get sixteen plus inch arms. Like I said that statement is complete bullshit.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and respect the website “Natty of Not” a lot. They have built quite an honorable name for themselves in the bodybuilding world. For example, I really like how they expose steroid users which claim they are natural bodybuilders. This is a good thing because it really opens the eyes of the young people just starting out in the sport of bodybuilding. Not only that, but it also saves them money because many of these fake naturals are sponsored by supplement companies which produce sub par supplements.

However, though, I know plenty of people which are lifetime naturals and built up solid sixteen plus inch arms. Heck, even I did it and I am a hundred percent sure anyone can do it as long as they have good arm genetics and their diets and training are in place.

The funny part of the article for me at least, was when they listed exercises that build massive arms. Exercises such as, wait for it, chin ups and dips. I personally do now know anyone that built huge arms with just chin ups and dips.

If you real want big arms you must put the work required in it. You can’t cheat yourself by doing exercises such as chin ups and dips which don’t even hit the arms effectively and efficiently. I personally know I can put enough more than enough intensity and simulation in my biceps with just one set of bicep curls then they could with their 3×15 chin ups. I can guarantee you that.


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  1. I’ve read many pages on NattyOrNot and I come to the conclusion that those articles are written by stupid people. In order to decide if natty or not, they make ALWAYS the same thing: comparing the bodybuilder to Frank Zane (or other notoriusly doped bb) and say something like “if frank zane is doped with this physique, is not possible to be bigger without doping”.
    So they are basically so stupid to consider all the people exactly equal without any differences (genetics, race, childhood etc). Looks like the site is handled by a group of frustrated people who couldn’t obtain good results.
    Sorry if bad english

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    1. Wow, what a great comment, I never really saw it that way and I must say I agree with you a 100 percent. You right on the money my friend!

      Its easy to point and say that someone is using steroids, when in fact that could be completely wrong. Many people cant face someone being better than them and this is due to their own insecurities. There’s lots of genetic freaks out there my friend, remember that!


  2. TBH, the content on there is not found on sound knowledge or analysis.

    The frustrated rants of the writer and an insight into his own insecurities of not obtaining the results that he wanted, is what makes me want to read the articles on there.


  3. Natty or not is absolute bullshit. I’m 100% natural and I’ve well surpassed what he says to be ‘impossible’. I also know many people who have done the same. He’s probably just frustrated with his own poor results, and rather than taking accountability for them he tries to justify his lack of progress by attacking others and setting up false restrictions on himself and everyone else. After all, you can’t blame yourself for not reaching new heights provided that those heights are ‘impossible naturally’. Sure, there are people that he’s called out that are obviously on steroids; but he’s swung much too far to the right and is claiming nearly every notable fitness personality is juiced: some are laughable. Propagation of false information is disgusting. He claims that fake natty’s are giving false hope to newbies, but what is just as bad is to limit and discourage the readerships potential by saying that any significant form of muscle gain is either impossible or steroid enhanced. From what I’ve read he does not back up his opinion with studies, but just spouts his opinion. Its a shame that his website gets so much traffic, i hope that people starting out don’t take his perspective too seriously.

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  4. you actually can build arms with only pull ups and dips. look at Zef Zakaveli and Denis Minin. 16 inch arms are possible for naturals if they have high bodyfat. just my two cents..


  5. I feel you I think natty or not and iron gansta are a bunch of whiny poser girls on their periods. Like quit bitching and change your maxi pad ya god damn pansy. Don’t be jealous cause you don’t have a body like that. I heard people saying Reeves was not natty, Reeves was totally natty and you could even tell from his younger pics when he was a teen. It honestly is not that hard to get ripped and shredded. I bet natty or not and iron gangsta think the dude from P90X and the people who got ripped doing it are not natty.

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  6. Well I don’t agree with those who hate nattyornot for exposing fake natties! Do You Mean To Say That Selling Fake Dreams For Dollars Is Justifiable!!! Well I don’t.
    I also agree that some people can have big arms. Some can get big legs. Some can have abs all around year. But they all are a small percentage. I don’t have gift of arms or legs. But I can maintain my abs all time. I play soccer and our centreback got big quads and calves but he don’t have abs. He whines about abs and I whine about my calves….Anyways I don’t agree with the roid monkeyz selling their lies and I don’t agree with those too who justify this. Furthermore I don’t agree with wasting life ridiculing fake natties too. But just look at the number of sites who expose lies of bodybuilding. So few….
    Hence we need websites like nattyornot more than the sites who loot and rob and fib us.


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