Its You Against Yourself In The Gym

Look deep down into yourself, next time you do your heavy duty, all out and gun blazing last set. Remember this, it’s you against yourself, don’t look at the other people around you. You must come into the gym mentally ready. This means you must be confident that you will beat your previous record either by doing a heavier weight or doing more reps, and be sure that you can do it.

As you make that valuable connection mentally, you will notice that if you want make serious muscular gains you will have no choice but to go to war with yourself.

We all had those mental thoughts that made us want to quit during our workouts because “Its getting to hard” or “I’ll just take it easy today” and don’t even lie to yourself because I personally know everyone in the gym had those kind of thoughts. If you want to win this war against yourself, you will have to learn to somehow override your hard drive/thoughts. Once you do that you will always win!

Some ways to do that are:

1. Visualize yourself beating your previous record before your workout even begins. I recommend you sit down and visualize the battle ahead. Therefore you will already have gone through the workout before even stepping into the gym!

2. Be disciplined, by being disciplined, you will only increase your chance of success and will have a better chance of getting the body you always dreamed off. Also, by being disciplined you will increase your motivation, confidence and mentality.

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