Month: January 2015

Natty Or Not Is Wrong

I recently came across a recent article from the website “Natty or Not” and I must say that their recent article is complete bullshit. They state that it is impossible for a natural bodybuilder or regular gym goer to get sixteen plus inch arms. Like I said that statement is complete bullshit.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and respect the website “Natty of Not” a lot. They have built quite an honorable name for themselves in the bodybuilding world. For example, I really like how they expose steroid users which claim they are natural bodybuilders. This is a good thing because it really opens the eyes of the young people just starting out in the sport of bodybuilding. Not only that, but it also saves them money because many of these fake naturals are sponsored by supplement companies which produce sub par supplements.

However, though, I know plenty of people which are lifetime naturals and built up solid sixteen plus inch arms. Heck, even I did it and I am a hundred percent sure anyone can do it as long as they have good arm genetics and their diets and training are in place.

The funny part of the article for me at least, was when they listed exercises that build massive arms. Exercises such as, wait for it, chin ups and dips. I personally do now know anyone that built huge arms with just chin ups and dips.

If you real want big arms you must put the work required in it. You can’t cheat yourself by doing exercises such as chin ups and dips which don’t even hit the arms effectively and efficiently. I personally know I can put enough more than enough intensity and simulation in my biceps with just one set of bicep curls then they could with their 3×15 chin ups. I can guarantee you that.


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Its You Against Yourself In The Gym

Look deep down into yourself, next time you do your heavy duty, all out and gun blazing last set. Remember this, it’s you against yourself, don’t look at the other people around you. You must come into the gym mentally ready. This means you must be confident that you will beat your previous record either by doing a heavier weight or doing more reps, and be sure that you can do it.

As you make that valuable connection mentally, you will notice that if you want make serious muscular gains you will have no choice but to go to war with yourself.

We all had those mental thoughts that made us want to quit during our workouts because “Its getting to hard” or “I’ll just take it easy today” and don’t even lie to yourself because I personally know everyone in the gym had those kind of thoughts. If you want to win this war against yourself, you will have to learn to somehow override your hard drive/thoughts. Once you do that you will always win!

Some ways to do that are:

1. Visualize yourself beating your previous record before your workout even begins. I recommend you sit down and visualize the battle ahead. Therefore you will already have gone through the workout before even stepping into the gym!

2. Be disciplined, by being disciplined, you will only increase your chance of success and will have a better chance of getting the body you always dreamed off. Also, by being disciplined you will increase your motivation, confidence and mentality.

What You Can Learn From This Dorian Yates Quote

A couple years back, perhaps even longer, Dorian Yates came up with the quote “Moderation in bodybuilding is a vice; moderation in discipline is failure”. I want you to reread this quote, understand it and let it sink in.

Now, when most people think of a bodybuilder, they usually think of a steroid abusing monkey. Dorian, however was much more then your typical meat head in the gym, he was a champion and he was a machine. His mind was set on his goals and he completed them without any problems, which I believe was mostly due to his legendary and one of a kind discipline. Funny, what a man can accomplish as long as his discipline is in check, right?

However, though, lets keep moving on. If you read between the lines you will know what the first part means , but for those that don’t, lets decode it for them.

“Moderation in bodybuilding is a vice” and it truly is. Funny enough scientific studies are coming out that high intensity training for up to forty five minutes three to four time weekly is way more efficient and better then building muscle then the conventional bodybuilding way of volume training, seven days a week.

One must realize that more is not always the answer when it comes to bodybuilding. It, however is the other way around, less is more, and by keeping your training intensity very high you will be able to gain muscle like crazy. Just remember to train each muscle to complete muscular failure positively, negatively and statically.

Now, the second part of this quote is very easy to decode and understand, but not many people truly understand it. “Moderation in discipline, is failure” and it truly is. If you cheat on your diet just once, you’ve already set yourself up to failure. How many people do you know that screwed up on their diets, I personally know lots!

Overall, if you want to succeed in life, you need to that have that will and drive to complete your goals in hand with a Dorian Yates like discipline.