Recover or Don’t Grow

Far too many times I see people in the gym training their biceps or other body parts day after day, leaving no time for their bodies to recover after their stressful workout. That is the wrong approach when it comes to muscle building. Don’t listen to those people that say if you want big biceps then you have to train them everyday. Most of the people that say that are on steroids which greatly affect and increase their bodies natural recover ability.

Now, unless you are on steroids I recommend you stay away from training a certain muscle group every single day. I like to use the sandpaper story because it is connected to building muscles. Let’s say you rub a piece of coarse sandpaper on the palm of your hand, your skin will simply be destroyed. However, you decide to keep doing it day in and day out leaving no time for the body to recover the injury on the palm of your hands.

The same goes when it comes to building muscle. If you do not let your body recover after your stressful workout you will simply not grow.

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