Building Muscle on a Tight Budget

Bodybuilding is a expensive sport and if you want to become the best bodybuilder on the planet or if you just want to have a muscle packed body then you will have to spend some moolah (money). You will have to spend your hard earned money on food, supplements and if you want steroids or other bodybuilding drugs like human growth hormone and insulin. There is no way around this, I am sorry. However, don’t worry thought if you read my paragraph below and have the heart of lion you will succeed no matter what and as a bonus you will save some moolah too.

1. Don’t Buy Stupid Supplements:

Far too many times I have seen people buying supplements that don’t work and which are designed to take your money away from you. I don’t know why people buy them when there are simply better items out there that do the job better. To be honest the only supplements you will need are maybe some protein powder and some creatine. Any creatine will do, but for for the protein powder make sure you buy a whey or casein isolate and avoid soy protein powders. Also if you really wanted too you can replace protein powder with chocolate milk, its cheaper and it works better too, well for me at least.  I would advise you to buy your supplements online because its cheaper then buying them in the store.

P.S: For those interested perhaps I will sell my stock of creatine and protein powders online from my warehouse. It will be way cheaper then buying it from the store which means you could use your hard earned money on more important things.

2. Ignore The Crooks:

You need to completely isolate yourself from the crooks. They want you, they strive for you and they will pounce on you any chance they get. Therefore you have no choice but to ignore them and there new “proven” muscle boosting supplements.

3. Be a Cheapskate:

If you are willing to go all the way then you have no choice but to be a cheapskate. Try to save on everything you can, it will only help you in the future!

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