How To Keep Your Muscular Gains After A Heavy Duty Steroid Cycle


Stop trying to find information on how to keep your muscular gains after the steroid cycle which you have done because simply put after your last injection or pop you will go right back to where you started and nothing will stop or save your downfall. There is nothing you can do about it, except if you want to take steroids or TRT/HRT for the rest of your life just to maintain a small percentage of your gains. You did your cycle and got massive amounts of muscles, you where most likely shredded too and got looks from both sexes, the best thing you can do now is to try to achieve that naturally or just simply stop, since you’ve been there and done that.

How? Why?:

You might be asking the same kind of questions right now. Well simply put once you introduce anabolic steroids into your system your testosterone level skyrockets way above your maximum genetic level. This extra testosterone in your system can be used to repair and build up muscle mass very quickly.

Once you go off completely you will simply be back to square one which where you started before you started injecting or popping. If your one of the lucky one and built a foundation before starting an anabolic steroid cycle then you will go back to that state but if you had no foundation you will simply crash and by crash I mean crash hard. Why? Well simply put because your body can’t produce the massive amount of testosterone you had in your system when you where taking steroids.

Now What?:

The best thing to do now is to wait. If you haven’t taken your PTC do it now.  Hopefully your hypothalamus will notice the drop of natural testosterone in your body and will make the body ramp up its own natural production of testosterone.

I Want To Take Steroids:

If you want to take steroids make sure your doing it for a real purpose or desire and not for five minutes of fame in a nightclub, beach or whatever.  If you are thinking about it just do your research before you start because you don’t want to be on TRT or HRT for the rest of your life, at least I know I don’t.

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