The Closest Thing To Steroids

Today, I got an email from a reader on my site and he had a question, not just any general question but a really good question The question he asked me was about anabolic steroids and whats the closest thing to steroids. I therefore thought this was a good question and I might as well share it with everyone, since most you want the easy way, don’t worry I was like that too.

Well, simply put nothing in the world comes close to good old anabolic steroids. The increased testosterone levels you get by either pinning or popping steroids is amazingly high. This extra testosterone will help you recover faster from and in between workouts and not to mention it will also help you build lean, dry muscle mass very quickly.

There’s simply no safe and effective alternative to steroids on the market today. However, I wouldn’t lose hope just yet. There are procedures you could use in order to increase and maximize your own natural production of steroids, but I can not lie, you will not get any fast results from trying to increase your testosterone levels naturally.

The things you can do to increase your testosterone levels naturally, and thus increasing your lean dry muscle mass are:

1. Eat a high (good) cholesterol diet

2. Workout with intensity

3. Take proven testosterone boosting supplements such as zinc

Overall,  in my opinion the best choice would be to stay clear out of steroids. However, if you really have a burning desire to take steroids, be my guest, but please just do your research.

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