Month: November 2014

Building Muscle on a Tight Budget

Bodybuilding is a expensive sport and if you want to become the best bodybuilder on the planet or if you just want to have a muscle packed body then you will have to spend some moolah (money). You will have to spend your hard earned money on food, supplements and if you want steroids or other bodybuilding drugs like human growth hormone and insulin. There is no way around this, I am sorry. However, don’t worry thought if you read my paragraph below and have the heart of lion you will succeed no matter what and as a bonus you will save some moolah too.

1. Don’t Buy Stupid Supplements:

Far too many times I have seen people buying supplements that don’t work and which are designed to take your money away from you. I don’t know why people buy them when there are simply better items out there that do the job better. To be honest the only supplements you will need are maybe some protein powder and some creatine. Any creatine will do, but for for the protein powder make sure you buy a whey or casein isolate and avoid soy protein powders. Also if you really wanted too you can replace protein powder with chocolate milk, its cheaper and it works better too, well for me at least.  I would advise you to buy your supplements online because its cheaper then buying them in the store.

P.S: For those interested perhaps I will sell my stock of creatine and protein powders online from my warehouse. It will be way cheaper then buying it from the store which means you could use your hard earned money on more important things.

2. Ignore The Crooks:

You need to completely isolate yourself from the crooks. They want you, they strive for you and they will pounce on you any chance they get. Therefore you have no choice but to ignore them and there new “proven” muscle boosting supplements.

3. Be a Cheapskate:

If you are willing to go all the way then you have no choice but to be a cheapskate. Try to save on everything you can, it will only help you in the future!

Hardcore Bodybuilding Injury Prevention and Cures


Injuries are a horrible thing to experience as a bodybuilder or an athlete of another sport which requires you to do physical activity. Injuries set you back when you really should be progressing, in order to make yourself a better athlete. You must be smart though, if you have an injury and think taking a couple days off your training is going to cure you, well you are wrong and in for a surprise I know the eagerness to get back to training excites you, it excited me too and instead of taking a whole month off, I only took a couple days off and man I paid the price for it.

My injury got worse and my body finally gave out due to high intensity training due to me trying to get that extra ounce of muscle. Now, instead of me being in the gym I have to stay at home and wait till my shoulder gets back to normal. Don’t let this be you, learn from my mistakes and incorporate them in your training routine. The mistake I made are:

1. Not Listening To My Body:

I know, I know, I preach to you guys about listening to your body a whole lot, but sadly I didn’t listen to mine when it was screaming at me to stop.  I should of listened to my bodies feedback months back because that is when I felt some small shoulder pain and didn’t think nothing of it. I kept delaying and fighting it and kept going back and back to training when I should of just took a whole month off and do some rehabilitation.

2. Not Warming Up Correctly:

Warming up? Man, that word was not in my vocabulary but it now is. Instead of just some minor stretching, I should have warmed my whole body up with some light weights and then do some heavy stretching.

Injury Prevention:

To prevent injuries from happening is stupendously easy, but sadly not many people follow an injury prevention protocol. I was one of those people. However, now I have learned from my mistakes and I am better then ever. Injury prevention is a very basic thing to do since it only consists of warming up and stretching.

1. Warming Up:

Before getting into your heavy duty workout, I would advise you to spend ten to fifteen minutes on warming up your body with light weights. This doesn’t mean warming up the shoulders for example and re-racking the weight, no, this means warming up the whole entire body.

By warming up your body you push blood into your muscles and it helps you get ready for the heavy duty workout you are about to endure.

2. Stretching:

Nothing to special here just a couple of stretches of the muscle group you are going to work on.

Already Injured:

If you are already injured the only thing you can do is wait and rest. Patience is the key to injury rehabilitation, do not go back into the gym until you feel you are at a hundred percent. Trust me once you get back into it you will be stronger then ever!

For pain management, I recommend you use RICE and if you really want to you can use some anti inflammatory pills or painkillers such as Advil and so on.





How To Keep Your Muscular Gains After A Heavy Duty Steroid Cycle


Stop trying to find information on how to keep your muscular gains after the steroid cycle which you have done because simply put after your last injection or pop you will go right back to where you started and nothing will stop or save your downfall. There is nothing you can do about it, except if you want to take steroids or TRT/HRT for the rest of your life just to maintain a small percentage of your gains. You did your cycle and got massive amounts of muscles, you where most likely shredded too and got looks from both sexes, the best thing you can do now is to try to achieve that naturally or just simply stop, since you’ve been there and done that.

How? Why?:

You might be asking the same kind of questions right now. Well simply put once you introduce anabolic steroids into your system your testosterone level skyrockets way above your maximum genetic level. This extra testosterone in your system can be used to repair and build up muscle mass very quickly.

Once you go off completely you will simply be back to square one which where you started before you started injecting or popping. If your one of the lucky one and built a foundation before starting an anabolic steroid cycle then you will go back to that state but if you had no foundation you will simply crash and by crash I mean crash hard. Why? Well simply put because your body can’t produce the massive amount of testosterone you had in your system when you where taking steroids.

Now What?:

The best thing to do now is to wait. If you haven’t taken your PTC do it now.  Hopefully your hypothalamus will notice the drop of natural testosterone in your body and will make the body ramp up its own natural production of testosterone.

I Want To Take Steroids:

If you want to take steroids make sure your doing it for a real purpose or desire and not for five minutes of fame in a nightclub, beach or whatever.  If you are thinking about it just do your research before you start because you don’t want to be on TRT or HRT for the rest of your life, at least I know I don’t.

The Closest Thing To Steroids

Today, I got an email from a reader on my site and he had a question, not just any general question but a really good question The question he asked me was about anabolic steroids and whats the closest thing to steroids. I therefore thought this was a good question and I might as well share it with everyone, since most you want the easy way, don’t worry I was like that too.

Well, simply put nothing in the world comes close to good old anabolic steroids. The increased testosterone levels you get by either pinning or popping steroids is amazingly high. This extra testosterone will help you recover faster from and in between workouts and not to mention it will also help you build lean, dry muscle mass very quickly.

There’s simply no safe and effective alternative to steroids on the market today. However, I wouldn’t lose hope just yet. There are procedures you could use in order to increase and maximize your own natural production of steroids, but I can not lie, you will not get any fast results from trying to increase your testosterone levels naturally.

The things you can do to increase your testosterone levels naturally, and thus increasing your lean dry muscle mass are:

1. Eat a high (good) cholesterol diet

2. Workout with intensity

3. Take proven testosterone boosting supplements such as zinc

Overall,  in my opinion the best choice would be to stay clear out of steroids. However, if you really have a burning desire to take steroids, be my guest, but please just do your research.