Fake Muscles vs Real Muscles Pros and Cons

The whole fitness industry contains a whole lot of people which have fake muscles, obtained either through steroids or with some other bodybuilding drugs such as insulin and HGH and or with site enhancement oils such as synthol.

Now, do not get me wrong a user which uses these drugs in the fitness industry most likely has to work even harder than the natural lifters out there. They most likely have to put in much more time for bodybuilding during their week and weekend days rather then the naturals which can miss a couple of meals here and there and nothing will happen to them. Now, the sheer fact that these people in the fitness industry have enough balls to take the drugs which they are currently taking means that they have a tremendous amount of dedication and I have nothing but respect for them since they are trying to be in the best in their sports.

However, though many people which have no desire to compete but instead want to look beautiful, see these pros and mimic them completely. Instead of staying natural many of these people turn to the juice and screw themselves over in the future, all of a couple of minutes of fame in the club and so on.

Look if you are thinking of taking steroids or other performance enhancing drugs please do you research and make sure your doing it for a purpose, such as for a sport such as bodybuilding or basketball and so on.

Fake Muscles Pros:                         

1. Easy to lose fat

2. Easy to gain muscle mass

Fake Muscles Cons:

1. Muscular gains are lost once the user stops taking the performance enhancing drugs

2. The users natural testosterone and other hormones productions have been shut down

3. Hormone levels are messed up

4. Once off the performance enhancing drugs, natural production of hormone could take a long time to recover or will not recover to previous levels

Real Muscles Pros:

1. Muscular gains stay with you forever

2. A muscular foundation is built

3. Testosterone production will increase

Real Muscles Cons:

1. Hard to gain muscle mass

2. Hard to lose fat

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