A Message To My Readers

Unfortunately these last couple of months have been really hard for me and I apologize for not uploading content like I used to. The main reason behind that was school and me being lazy. I hate being lazy, the damn fact of you knowing that you do not want to make yourself a better person kills you mentally, it killed me. However, though I can’t blame anyone for that it was my own choice, it was also the wrong choice.

Life is sort of like bodybuilding if your not ready for the show then your not going to take the trophy home with you, sure you can blame minor things that might have effected your prep, but in all due respect it boils down to you. If your not going to take it seriously, forget about it then!

Now, I wont lie, it was my fault for not being prepared for college and for other things, but I have quickly learned my lesson and I wont ever make the same mistake again. My goals for the future are:

1. Maintain 70 percent in all of my courses, which is what I need in order to get into a co-op

2. Fix my Math mark

3. Write an article on my website every Wednesday and an Ezine article every Sunday

4. Promote my website

So, there you have it folks, I wish you guys nothing but the best when it comes to achieving your goals.

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