Three Reasons Why Muscles Will Help You Get The Job You Always Wanted

In my experience my muscular size has helped me get jobs no problem, especially jobs that require physical work. I have a few reasons on why I think my muscles helped me get jobs no problem.

1. Confidence: Ever since I started bodybuilding I noticed that my confidence skyrocketed and that I no longer needed to fake it. Although I must admit that I am still an introvert in heart.

2. People Notice You: Being a big muscular man can do one or two things for the people around you. They can either get scared or intimidated by your physical structure or they will appreciate the hard work you put in to build a physique like that. Also, in addition some people will also be in shock to see such a big muscular person in front of them.

3. Positive Vibe: Another reasons why I think big muscles help you get a job is that you create a positive vibe. People like to be with positive people and not negative people.

Now the only two jobs I ever had in my life where physical jobs such as moving furniture and working construction (I am still a young boy remember that). Both times I applied and got the job, not to mention I remember during the interview with a foreman on a construction site he touched my arms and said I got the job and asked me when can I start.

Now, I don’t know how big muscles help one get a white collar job since I never experienced it, but I think it would be the same as above. Overall, having big muscles will add to your resume, don’t forget that!

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