It Doesn’t Matter Which Type Of Gym You Go Too

Far too many times I see people from my own social group decide to change gyms. They want better and newer variety of equipment, cleaner gyms and cheaper gyms. Now, I don’t have anything against that however I personally prefer a hardcore environment like the gym which I have always been going to.

I can not lie, I stepped into one of those franchise gyms and I felt completely phased by the whole experience of it. First off its way to nice and clean there is no dirt, no grime like at the underground gym which is basically my home gym. Also, there are too many rules in these kinds of franchise gyms. These rules start from no grunting to wait for it, cleaning the bench with some disinfectant spray and a rag, I mean come on, its only sweat!

Another thing that phased me when I stepped into that franchise gym was, I found people giving up way to easily when the they have a couple more reps in them.

As you can see I prefer that hardcore, underground gyms with old equipment, the same type of equipment that former Mr. Olympias used, I also like the dirt and holes everywhere as opposed to the new trendy and fancy gyms. I advise you to experience both these kinds of gym and see what works for you. If you prefer the newer gyms rather than the underground gyms, all the power to you, but just remember neither gym is better then the other because at the end of the day it boils down to you. Did you give it your all taking each set to complete muscular failure or did you stop halfway through because it started to hurt. Overall, The gym is just a tool you can use to help you achieve your physique goals, use it and put on some quality size, remember that!

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