Muscle Meds “No Bull XMT” Is Bull Review

I believe many people on this beautiful lush green earth have a common goal and that is to make money and get rich. The company Muscle Meds is no different than that. They want to have their share of the money pie also, and if that means using false advertisements on their products then so be it. In their minds it’s alright if they screw a few hundred, thousand or million people over because money talks and the whole world is and was built on money!

Now, if you have been a reader of this site you may have noticed my lack of consideration towards pre-workout powders and other similar products such as testosterone boosting powders. If you want to pack on some serious muscle mass on your body all you need is a cheap non-soy protein powder and some creatine powder. Why spend almost a hundred dollars on creatine powder and protein powder that has the logo Muscle Meds or whatever other famous supplement company’s name on it when you could get them both for a much cheaper price.

However, though enough of the talk above, I am simply here today to tell you the dangers of believing everything you read. You see the product “No Bult XMT” pre-workout powder by Muscle Meds states you can gain 8.8 pounds of muscle and gain 147 percent more strength when you take their product rather than taking the same kind of product from the leading competitors. That statement however is complete bullshit. I don’t get it, does one gain 8.8 pounds of muscle per tub or per scoop?

Their ridiculous claims are also outstanding, however though I will give them a 10/10 for using interesting marketing buzzwords.

1. Muscle activator

2. Protein synthesis

3. ATP replenishment

4. Anabolic action

5. Spikes insulin

6. Glycogen replenishment

7. Peak-ATP

8. Neurotropic energizers

I could go on, but I’ll simply stop the list here. If you haven’t figured it out yet the new scientifically researched product claiming to build 8.8 pounds on the user is called Peak-ATP which is simply just simple creatine powder, hence the name why they use the name ATP in their product description. If you guys don’t know yet, creatine increases ATP synthesis, which therefore increases your strength, which therefore increases the number of reps you can do or the amount of weight you can push in the gym, which therefore simply means you’ll get bigger since there is a direct correlation between muscle mass gained and strength. However though creatine does not build 5, 10 or even 20 pounds of pure dry muscle mass per month, it takes a long year of training and eating right to have pure muscular gains like that.

Therefore my friends do not fall for any companies marketing hype. Sure the marketing buzzwords might spark your curiosity, but remember it’s all the same recycled bullshit. Like I said above why spend more money on less, when you could spend less money on more.

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