Month: October 2014

Fake Muscles vs Real Muscles Pros and Cons

The whole fitness industry contains a whole lot of people which have fake muscles, obtained either through steroids or with some other bodybuilding drugs such as insulin and HGH and or with site enhancement oils such as synthol.

Now, do not get me wrong a user which uses these drugs in the fitness industry most likely has to work even harder than the natural lifters out there. They most likely have to put in much more time for bodybuilding during their week and weekend days rather then the naturals which can miss a couple of meals here and there and nothing will happen to them. Now, the sheer fact that these people in the fitness industry have enough balls to take the drugs which they are currently taking means that they have a tremendous amount of dedication and I have nothing but respect for them since they are trying to be in the best in their sports.

However, though many people which have no desire to compete but instead want to look beautiful, see these pros and mimic them completely. Instead of staying natural many of these people turn to the juice and screw themselves over in the future, all of a couple of minutes of fame in the club and so on.

Look if you are thinking of taking steroids or other performance enhancing drugs please do you research and make sure your doing it for a purpose, such as for a sport such as bodybuilding or basketball and so on.

Fake Muscles Pros:                         

1. Easy to lose fat

2. Easy to gain muscle mass

Fake Muscles Cons:

1. Muscular gains are lost once the user stops taking the performance enhancing drugs

2. The users natural testosterone and other hormones productions have been shut down

3. Hormone levels are messed up

4. Once off the performance enhancing drugs, natural production of hormone could take a long time to recover or will not recover to previous levels

Real Muscles Pros:

1. Muscular gains stay with you forever

2. A muscular foundation is built

3. Testosterone production will increase

Real Muscles Cons:

1. Hard to gain muscle mass

2. Hard to lose fat

A Message To My Readers

Unfortunately these last couple of months have been really hard for me and I apologize for not uploading content like I used to. The main reason behind that was school and me being lazy. I hate being lazy, the damn fact of you knowing that you do not want to make yourself a better person kills you mentally, it killed me. However, though I can’t blame anyone for that it was my own choice, it was also the wrong choice.

Life is sort of like bodybuilding if your not ready for the show then your not going to take the trophy home with you, sure you can blame minor things that might have effected your prep, but in all due respect it boils down to you. If your not going to take it seriously, forget about it then!

Now, I wont lie, it was my fault for not being prepared for college and for other things, but I have quickly learned my lesson and I wont ever make the same mistake again. My goals for the future are:

1. Maintain 70 percent in all of my courses, which is what I need in order to get into a co-op

2. Fix my Math mark

3. Write an article on my website every Wednesday and an Ezine article every Sunday

4. Promote my website

So, there you have it folks, I wish you guys nothing but the best when it comes to achieving your goals.

Three Reasons Why Muscles Will Help You Get The Job You Always Wanted

In my experience my muscular size has helped me get jobs no problem, especially jobs that require physical work. I have a few reasons on why I think my muscles helped me get jobs no problem.

1. Confidence: Ever since I started bodybuilding I noticed that my confidence skyrocketed and that I no longer needed to fake it. Although I must admit that I am still an introvert in heart.

2. People Notice You: Being a big muscular man can do one or two things for the people around you. They can either get scared or intimidated by your physical structure or they will appreciate the hard work you put in to build a physique like that. Also, in addition some people will also be in shock to see such a big muscular person in front of them.

3. Positive Vibe: Another reasons why I think big muscles help you get a job is that you create a positive vibe. People like to be with positive people and not negative people.

Now the only two jobs I ever had in my life where physical jobs such as moving furniture and working construction (I am still a young boy remember that). Both times I applied and got the job, not to mention I remember during the interview with a foreman on a construction site he touched my arms and said I got the job and asked me when can I start.

Now, I don’t know how big muscles help one get a white collar job since I never experienced it, but I think it would be the same as above. Overall, having big muscles will add to your resume, don’t forget that!

Is The 2015 Mr. Olympia Phil Heaths Last Show?

All good things must come to an end and so will Phil Heaths bodybuilding career. I predict that the 2015 Mr. Olympia will be Phil Heaths last bodybuilding show. Now, there are a couple of factors which are affecting my prediction, these factors are:

1. Aging Physique: No human can maintain their prime forever. All bodybuilding pros show aging on their physiques later on during their careers, not even Frank Zane could maintain his physique. I am sorry but its just pure science and not a knock on Phil Heaths physique. His midsection is growing and his arms are shrinking, it happens to all the pros! For example check out Ronnie Coleman’s prime compared to his last step on the bodybuilding stage and you will see what I am talking about.

2. Company Change: Phil Heath was sponsored by Muscle Tech for a very long time, however, earlier this year he made his own supplement company called Gifted Nutrition. The move away from Muscle Tech shocked many but Phil Heath is a smart he knows once he steps away from the stage the steady pay cheque from Muscle Tech will cease to exist. By making his own company, Gifted Nutrition, Phil Heath can monetize his fans and has a chance to make a steady income for decades to come.

3. Catching Up: Many competitors are catching up to Phil Heath and if Phil Heath screws up during his prep phase or gets an awful injury, it is lights out for him.

4. Health: Bodybuilding can be a very dangerous sport once you reach the competitive level just like Phil Heath did. Phil Heath is a smart man and you can be sure health is his number one priority.

It Doesn’t Matter Which Type Of Gym You Go Too

Far too many times I see people from my own social group decide to change gyms. They want better and newer variety of equipment, cleaner gyms and cheaper gyms. Now, I don’t have anything against that however I personally prefer a hardcore environment like the gym which I have always been going to.

I can not lie, I stepped into one of those franchise gyms and I felt completely phased by the whole experience of it. First off its way to nice and clean there is no dirt, no grime like at the underground gym which is basically my home gym. Also, there are too many rules in these kinds of franchise gyms. These rules start from no grunting to wait for it, cleaning the bench with some disinfectant spray and a rag, I mean come on, its only sweat!

Another thing that phased me when I stepped into that franchise gym was, I found people giving up way to easily when the they have a couple more reps in them.

As you can see I prefer that hardcore, underground gyms with old equipment, the same type of equipment that former Mr. Olympias used, I also like the dirt and holes everywhere as opposed to the new trendy and fancy gyms. I advise you to experience both these kinds of gym and see what works for you. If you prefer the newer gyms rather than the underground gyms, all the power to you, but just remember neither gym is better then the other because at the end of the day it boils down to you. Did you give it your all taking each set to complete muscular failure or did you stop halfway through because it started to hurt. Overall, The gym is just a tool you can use to help you achieve your physique goals, use it and put on some quality size, remember that!

Muscle Meds “No Bull XMT” Is Bull Review

I believe many people on this beautiful lush green earth have a common goal and that is to make money and get rich. The company Muscle Meds is no different than that. They want to have their share of the money pie also, and if that means using false advertisements on their products then so be it. In their minds it’s alright if they screw a few hundred, thousand or million people over because money talks and the whole world is and was built on money!

Now, if you have been a reader of this site you may have noticed my lack of consideration towards pre-workout powders and other similar products such as testosterone boosting powders. If you want to pack on some serious muscle mass on your body all you need is a cheap non-soy protein powder and some creatine powder. Why spend almost a hundred dollars on creatine powder and protein powder that has the logo Muscle Meds or whatever other famous supplement company’s name on it when you could get them both for a much cheaper price.

However, though enough of the talk above, I am simply here today to tell you the dangers of believing everything you read. You see the product “No Bult XMT” pre-workout powder by Muscle Meds states you can gain 8.8 pounds of muscle and gain 147 percent more strength when you take their product rather than taking the same kind of product from the leading competitors. That statement however is complete bullshit. I don’t get it, does one gain 8.8 pounds of muscle per tub or per scoop?

Their ridiculous claims are also outstanding, however though I will give them a 10/10 for using interesting marketing buzzwords.

1. Muscle activator

2. Protein synthesis

3. ATP replenishment

4. Anabolic action

5. Spikes insulin

6. Glycogen replenishment

7. Peak-ATP

8. Neurotropic energizers

I could go on, but I’ll simply stop the list here. If you haven’t figured it out yet the new scientifically researched product claiming to build 8.8 pounds on the user is called Peak-ATP which is simply just simple creatine powder, hence the name why they use the name ATP in their product description. If you guys don’t know yet, creatine increases ATP synthesis, which therefore increases your strength, which therefore increases the number of reps you can do or the amount of weight you can push in the gym, which therefore simply means you’ll get bigger since there is a direct correlation between muscle mass gained and strength. However though creatine does not build 5, 10 or even 20 pounds of pure dry muscle mass per month, it takes a long year of training and eating right to have pure muscular gains like that.

Therefore my friends do not fall for any companies marketing hype. Sure the marketing buzzwords might spark your curiosity, but remember it’s all the same recycled bullshit. Like I said above why spend more money on less, when you could spend less money on more.