Kai Greene’s The Past is The Past

You guys must of seen the argument that took place during the Mr. Olympia press conference between Kai Greene and current Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. You might recall Kai Greene saying “The past is the past and the future is the future”. Well, I am here to say that his quote is complete bullshit even though I might get flaked for saying this by Kai Greene fans.

You see my friends the past will always stay with Kai Greene. Search up Kai Greene grapefruit and you will see what I mean. The upper powers of bodybuilding would probably not like him to represent the sport of bodybuilding due to his horrendous past. Would you like someone like that to represent the sport bodybuilding?. Not only that Kai has a short temper and I mean who wouldn’t after growing up in the hood like he did and experiencing what he had to experience and best of all he is trying to hide his anger, temper and past by acting like a good guy/monk. You see my friends Kai Greene’s past will always stay with him.

P.S, I wish Kai Greene nothing but the best for this upcoming Mr. Olympia and I hope the judges don’t judge him on his terrible past but for his accomplishments. This man right here escaped the hood life and made his life into a success where so many tried but failed. Not only that but he started from the bottom and now he is here!


  1. Unfortunately Kai may never win. If he did, the conversation in the mainstream could take two paths, as it already has in so many forums, blogs and gym lockers.

    1. Kai Greene would be inundated with Questions about his past, even more so than now. The sponsors and judges and owners are afraid his “philosophy” will come out and he will tarnish their image while his will remain the same for being flawed but honest. I’m not saying he would do that but no one is going to give him the platform to do so among the Mr. O stakeholders.

    2. There is also the fear that Questions about Kai Greene’s past activities would lead to a mass inquisition into the sins, follies, and plainly illegal behavior that goes on in the IFBB. That includes Gay 4 Pay and Straight prostitution for bodybuilders that don’t have the financial reserves, business acumen, or skills to earn the money needed for their obsession any other way. This is the razors edge that the organizers walk with every champion, but more so with those that appear to have a morality or’ ethic’ in their character.

    Even if I don’t approve of everything Kai Greene has purportedly done, if can still respect his backbone and willpower in attaining what he wants against overwhelming negative circumstances in his life. I also feel that the drive and determination that brought him to this point in competitive professional bodybuilding is what will keep him from ever receiving a Sandow.

    To paraphrase the movie “Malcolm X”

    We didn’t see any democracy in Harlem, Brooklyn, Detroit, Chicago.

    All we’ve seen is hypocrisy”

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