Month: September 2014

Look and Feel Vascular With These Crazy Tips


Vascularity has gone from being not that important to the average man to being cool in only a couple of years, thanks to the internet. When I ask people what they think about my vascularity some say it looks gross and others are completely blown away from it, I mean lets face it being vascular looks freaky cool and what kind of guy wouldn’t like a nice road map of veins on their arms, shoulders and so on.

Tip One: Lower Your Body Fat:

In order to get vascular one has to lower their body fat. Sure, you might see a couple veins here and there on your arms and so on, but once again that is nothing compared to the road map of veins that are right underneath your fat. So, therefore, in order to become more vascular like the incredible Hulk you will have to lower your body fat levels. By doing that you will expose more of your veins and they will thank you for exposing them to do the sunlight, and best of all you will be vascular for a long time, twenty-four seven. Unless of course your body fat goes right back up again.

Tip Two: Boost Your Nitric Oxide Levels:

A coworker of mine is crazy vascular and he thanks his love of eating spinach for it. You see spinach contains a high amount of nitrates in it in fact spinach is able to increase nitric oxide levels by a whopping two hundred percent. Think about it two hundred percent, It’s no wonder why Popeye liked eating spinach.

Overall if you want to be more vascular you must boost your oxide levels in with two options only. These two options are taking steroids or eating food rich in nitrates that will give you the amazing blood flow that will give your veins that popping out appearance.

Tip Three: Eat Thermogenic Foods:

When your body temperature increases your body naturally pushes blood towards the skin away from the internal organs. This is simply the bodies safety mechanism kicking in to action in order to avoid the bodies vital organs from overheating. This in turn brings blood into your veins thus making your veins pop out and giving them that full look that could burst any minute and overflow with blood. The full look which I am taking about is when your veins look big and pop out of your skin.

Phil Heath Wins The 2014 Mr. Olympia

The champ Phil Heath has successfully defended his title and earned his fourth Sandow. It was a close match up between Kai Greene and Phil Heath but once again Phil Heath put his money where his mouth is and took the Sandow home.

We wish you more Sandow’s in the future Phil, all the best! and to all the other athletes out there we also wish you all the best.

Kai Greene’s The Past is The Past

You guys must of seen the argument that took place during the Mr. Olympia press conference between Kai Greene and current Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. You might recall Kai Greene saying “The past is the past and the future is the future”. Well, I am here to say that his quote is complete bullshit even though I might get flaked for saying this by Kai Greene fans.

You see my friends the past will always stay with Kai Greene. Search up Kai Greene grapefruit and you will see what I mean. The upper powers of bodybuilding would probably not like him to represent the sport of bodybuilding due to his horrendous past. Would you like someone like that to represent the sport bodybuilding?. Not only that Kai has a short temper and I mean who wouldn’t after growing up in the hood like he did and experiencing what he had to experience and best of all he is trying to hide his anger, temper and past by acting like a good guy/monk. You see my friends Kai Greene’s past will always stay with him.

P.S, I wish Kai Greene nothing but the best for this upcoming Mr. Olympia and I hope the judges don’t judge him on his terrible past but for his accomplishments. This man right here escaped the hood life and made his life into a success where so many tried but failed. Not only that but he started from the bottom and now he is here!

Don’t Worry It Takes Time

I have been getting a lot of messages from people looking for the easiest and fastest way to building muscle. My answer to that is that it takes time. If your not making any muscular gains yet, don’t worry it takes time. There is no need for you to get pissed off at yourself, everything in life takes time, from doing making a fortune to building a beautiful muscular physique. Like I said there is no need for you to get mad at yourself sure, your not making any gains yet, but trust me just give it time. Don’t believe me, look at your favorite bodybuilding heroes. It took time, effort, blood, sweat and tears to build their body to the way it is now. Even if they where on steroids for a long time you can still see that over the course of time, they gotten bigger and better, due to their training, diet and of course due to the steroids.  

So realize this, if you think you can get a muscular physique overnight, think again. It takes time, discipline, blood, sweat and tears to get it. Hell, it took me a year to build my body up from the ground. I used to be skinny, very skinny but due to my never giving up attitude and discipline I was able to transform my body, from a 140 pound weakling to a 200 plus pound machine. You too can do the same, just follow the advice on this site and never ever give up. Keep pushing until you reach your goal! So, what are you waiting for, let’s go and build some muscle!


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A View On Two Different Bodybuilding Training Philosophies


Well lads, I know that you will find this article “A View On Two Different Training Philosophies” very interesting so without further adieu lets get started. 

Today, a good buddy of mine invited me to go to the gym with him, mind you that I have never trained with him in my life. Maybe he called me out because he noticed my muscular gains or maybe he was just being a good friend and invited me to the gym. Well, let’s fast forward to the training background of this story. We where training legs and shoulders it was my friends choice, if it where up to me I would rather train shoulders or legs and not both of them during the same time. However though I just followed his lead and let him show me how its done. 

At the end of our “exhausting” workout I noticed that my friends training philosophy was on the other side of the scale as opposed to mine. I noticed that he always used light weights and never went to complete muscular failure both positively, negatively and statically. I noticed that whenever he would feel pain on the muscle group he would train he would simply just stop doing the exercise, no matter how hard I pushed him, and not matter how hard I yelled at him to do one more extra repetition. It’s just like how Arnold Schwarzenegger said it would be “This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion”.

If it where up to me I would absolutely rip my friend in half with my way of training. He would have to go balls deep and by balls deep I mean forced reps, forced negatives, partial reps and whatever it takes to go to complete muscular failure both positively, negatively and statically. This is how you pack tons of muscle mass, not only that your diet must be perfect too. Now, my friends I hope you learned something from my article “A View On Two Different Bodybuilding Philosophies” if not, well take a look around my blog and learn!


Question For You

I got a question for all of my fans out there. What kind of training do you prefer to do? Do you prefer to do volume training or heavy duty training? Why?

As you guys know I prefer to do high intensity training which was made popular by Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates. I feel like it stimulates my muscle to grow rather than just pumping blood into them by doing the conventional high volume bodybuilding training program.