In The End It’s All Worth It

  My triceps, back, chest and legs are sore. They are growling with pain, it hurts to do everyday tasks such as bending over never-mind having to work a physically demanding job. Not to mention eating every three to four hours really takes a toll on me. My stomach is full but yet I have to keep eating in order to get every last ounce of nutritional goodness. I keep going, my goal of being the biggest and leanest me is on my sights and I am not going to take my eyes off the prize anytime soon. 

Now I could have stopped this never ending bodybuilding journey a long time ago, the pain is too much sometimes but in the end it’s all worth it. Remember that my friends and remember to tell yourselves that often, because once you complete any goal that you desire you will truly see that in the end all of this suffering you had to endure was truly worth it. Never forget that, keep going and keep giving it your all!

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