Do What Works For You

If you know a certain training program doesn’t work for you, why do it?. Why waste your time on a training program that your body simply doesn’t respond too, when you could just simply move on. By moving on I mean you could do some research and a find a training program that works for you and that you will constantly make gains with. You see my friends, bodybuilding is a twenty-four seven sport, every single thing has to work in order for you to make muscular gains in terms of strength, muscle mass and so on. So, like I said simply find the right training and diet program that works for you and do it over and over again and you will make keep getting good results.

Everyone is different:
Remember that everyone is different we are all built differently. Some people will have smaller joints and others will have larger joints, no two people are the same. What works for me might not necessarily work for you. Remember this right here, the only advice I could give you, would be for you to experiment in the gym, see what works for you and what doesn’t. From there write down in your logbook what exercises work for you and from that build a fortified training program. The other piece of advice I would like to give you would be for you not to follow other peoples training programs in the gym. Like I said we are all built differently, if you don’t feel an exercise don’t do it and simply do the ones you feel on the targeted muscle. Take me for example, I was told to do the flat bench press to improve my chest muscle, but when I did it I felt more muscle stimulation on my shoulders and triceps and not my chest, which was supposed to be the targeted muscle group of the exercise. I tried everything from changing my grip to changing my body position and guess what, nothing worked for me, I still felt muscle stimulation on my shoulders and triceps and not my chest.

Overall, I simply did the right thing by moving on and experimenting in the gym. I quickly found different and better alternatives to the bench press that actually stimulated my chest and guess what happened, my chest grew like a weed. Ever since this day I have listened to my own bodies feedback and have been growing like a weed ever since. I invite you to do the same too.

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