Get An Armor Plated Chest With Only Three Exercises

When I think of an armor plated chest, I automatically think of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s chest. His chest looked like an armor plate which the knights would wear during the middle ages. His chest also looked like it was carved out of steel, what else can I say, it looked beautiful.

You too can build and shape your chest like that by only doing three exercises. Yeah, you’ve heard that right, only three exercises, so without further adieu lets get started.

Exercise One: Incline Bench Press:
Now when you think of the chest you think of the flat bench press, when in reality the flat bench press is one of the worst exercises you can do for your chest. It delays your chest development and I would recommend you stay away from it. “Why?” you might ask, well it’s a really dangerous exercise and it really does no benefit for your chest. So, why waste your time on a dangerous exercise that doesn’t even work when there are better alternatives out there, like the incline bench press.

The incline bench press works out the whole chest muscle and it allows the chest to be fully stretched and used during the whole range of motion of the exercise. It is a also less dangerous than the flat bench press. A piece of advice that I would recommend to you when doing the incline bench press should be to slowly lower the bar to your chest and then explode up. Remember that the negative part of the rep is the most important part of the rep!

Exercise Two: Flat Dumbbell Press:
By using dumbbells you greatly reduce your chance of injury when working out your chest. The flat dumbbell press is the number one mass builder for me. It stretches out the chest and you can really contract your chest as hard as possible during the top portion of the movement. So, next time your in the gym give the flat dumbbell press a try.
Exercise Three: Cable Crossovers:
The contraction you get from doing cable crossovers is amazing it feels like your chest is engorging with blood every single rep. Now you can do cable crossovers in any kind of variation you want, it really doesn’t matter.

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